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GoogleTrends censors top searches from America.

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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 05:01 PM
I've been a fan of Google Trends ever since two years ago that I realized it existed. So I love knowing what the population is googling. I knew it was it was always the top 100 up there until maybe some weeks ago.

Maybe a couple weeks ago, around that, I noticed that they cut down the list to only the top 40. So I thought that was weird.

Recently I noticed that they chopped down the top searches to 10 and they made a new list called " hot searches" and chopped it down to 20.

So now you have a smaller picture of what everybody is searching for.

I think it seems very shady. It seems that they've become afraid of people following the top searched trends.

Nice, I just found an article that knows what I'm talking about. I knew I couldn't be the only one to notice this anomaly.

Google Trends continues to shrink.

The Google Trends list shows Internet search terms that are receiving more volume than is typical. It's become a popular way for the public and bloggers to see what people are thinking about and searching for.

Earlier this year the Google Trends list had 100 terms. Then it was cut to 40. And now it's down to 20.

Google hasn't said why Google Trends continues to shrink.

Any theories? Post them in the comments.

Google is straight out trippin, now I'm not going to be surprised if they cute the list down to only the top 5 or something.

Also, I hope you guys know that one of those two top ten columns is an arbitrary list made by some Google Info manipulator, and might not even be based on what the public is actually thinking, but on some man's intentional swaying of public opinion.

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