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Fire Breathing Christian

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posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 03:10 PM
(waves to Gools, ty for the tip to post here!)

A real life friend of mine recently started a site. It is really well done and I think ciritcal thinkers here will enjoy it.
Needless to say it is a conservative Christian viewpoint. It is also intelligent with a zing! If you disagree with him and state your views well, he responds very respectfully, also. I may be nuts putting this out there but I hope people who go there disagreeing will be decent, remembering everyone who starts a web page is a real person and not just something to be crudely attacked.
I really love this site. He is more blatant about things than I am, but I agree with his views overall. I just wouldn't be quite as in your face about them as he can be sometimes. Even so, his arguements are well put forward and just the sort of thing I can see some ATSer's truly enjoying!
Ty for your time!
(oh yeah, annyone flaming me for being a christian conservative will be ignored. Wanna talk about things intelligently... That I'd love!)

edit to add: he received no money from the site, nor do i. he doesn't even ask for donations at all. remember that if you visit.

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