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Local H1N1 Recall Reporting On TV

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 08:05 AM
The local television news reported on the H1N1 vaccine recall this morning. They said that the vaccine being recalled "is not as strong as originally thought". Then they added that those who received the recalled vaccine do not need to come in for additional immunization, as they "already have immunity from the vaccine they received" but they still need to come in for their second dose at the scheduled time.


Talk about the ol' round n' round...think they missed anything?

I can't believe people watch this stuff and don't notice this stuff.

It's not strong enough so they have to recall it, but if you've already received it it's going to give you immunity, and you still need to come in for the 2nd dose as scheduled prior to the recall.

They do the same thing with the weather! I take it to mean "they don't know". We could be bombarded by a huge storm, or it could turn out to be a nice day after all, or maybe just an okay day with a few clouds and light sprinkles...


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