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Alien to Nature and our Perceptions

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 04:40 AM
What would be a testimony to a fuller commitment to putting into effect the ideas, perceptions and feelings to which the aliens provided access? A change in career. Entering psychotherapy?. Beginning a regular meditation practice, within or outside of an organized spiritual discipline? where do you want to go and why?

Human perception is remarkably fallible. As tiny creatures on a comparably tiny planet in a vast universe, there is much about our surroundings that would go unnoticed or misunderstood if we relied on personal perceptions alone to make conclusions about the universe. We might conclude that 10,000 years is a really long time, because we humans have only a tiny fraction of that time to be on the planet

The Counterintuitive Universe

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 05:17 AM
To me greater perception comes with understanding the world around you as well as understing yourself, so you can place yourself in that reality.

To understand the world around me I live. I experience life. I try to absorb knowledge. They say that when the europeans arrived in the New World, that the indians couldn't see their ships at the sea, because it was something so alien to them that they just couldn't distinguish it from the background. That didn't last forever, though, and after a while they managed to see what was infront of their eyes.

Just through experience alone we can enhance our perception of the world around us. Travelling to other countries, meeting new cultures, expanding your mind by trying to see the world through new perspectives. All that helps.

When I dropped Catholicism and started to delve into esoterism, I thought that religion was not the way and I could find all my answers in esoterism.

Today I see it differently. I search for answers in science, religions, philosophy, esoterism, mysticism, anything that can trigger my mind into a thought process that could allow me to reach new conclusions.

Knowing the world around you helps you to put yourself in perspective in that reality which helps you understanding more about yourself.

On the other hand, some inner searching is also good. I also like to meditate, to look at the stars at night, to let my mind wander. At the end of every single day I reflect about it during the shower. It's automatic to me. I can't help it. The moment I hit the shower my mind goes through a process of reviewing my day, both the good and bad stuff that happened.

I am trying to find some time to begin exercises in astral traveling and OOBE. Anything that could answer some questions and raise a few more.

Also, this inner search, the more you know yourself, the better you can also understand the world around you.

In conclusion, many times we say that we, humans, are broken. Like we are defected. We only use 10% of our brain. We can't see this or that. I don't think we are broken. We are just conditioned. Conditioned to what we know to be the truth. Conditioned to think in a certain way. Conditioned to live in survival mode(go to school, go to college, get married, get a job, retire and die). etc etc...

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 09:13 AM
The fact that we use so little of our brain demonstrates how little we understand and know about life itself. The fact that we are unaware of over 95% of lif universe

Dark matter comprises at least 95 percent of this universe's mass In other words nearly all of the matter in the universe is invisible It neither generates nor reflects radiation of any type, visible or otherwise. The only way we know its there is by its gravitational effects.

The fact that when we reach a higher state of conscousness and we are aware of others around us, demonstrates the power of the aliens nature to us. Death does not exist in these universes.

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