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Olympics 2010: Totalitarianism and Rule 51 of the Olympic Charter

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posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 04:24 AM
Fellow ATS Members,

I have taken the time to compile and present a few facts in relation to the upcoming Vancouver Olympics. Enjoy!

Who is the IOC?
After a little research it won’t take too long before any of you deduce that the IOC, an acronym for International Olympic Committee, isn’t all peaches and cream. Fifteen charges of bribery and fraud originated in 1998 and resulted in expulsions and sanctions. Furthermore the IOC allowed Japan’s "illegitimate and excessive level of hospitality" to run up a $4.4 million tab on entertainment alone. These assholes were also the ones responsible for issuing DMCA notices to YouTube in 2008 to remove Tibetan protest videos that essentially were an outcry for a Chinese human rights reform in light of the Beijing Olympics. That’s right; these guys are corrupt, inhumane bastards.

How does the IOC affect Vancouver?
Vancouver, for the extent of the 2010 Olympics, is required to abide by Rule 51 of the IOC Olympic Charter which prohibits “demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda in any Olympic sites, venues or other areas.” Daphne Bramham of the Vancouver Sun reported that Vancouver’s council passed ‘an omnibus bylaw amending dozens of existing laws. These laws basically designate regions where political pamphlets, leaflets, graffiti or “non celebratory” posters will be disallowed. This also applies to domestic settings i.e. within the confines of your own home. Police can enter you home following a twenty-four hour notice to remove such articles.

Pamphlet distribution, if deemed offensive, can be punishable by fines of up to $10,000 per day or a six month jail term. Exemption permits will be given to signs that are celebratory in nature but not those deemed melancholic. Access to residential and commercials areas can be restricted by City Manager at will. Police officers have already preemptively approached a dozen members of the public to query them despite some of them having no intention to protest at all. This all is, of course, contrary to the Canadians Charter’s guarantee of free speech and the right to peaceful protests. This is absolute and utter madness. What has happened to democracy? The police state isn’t coming. It is here. It is now. We are in it. It’s noteworthy enough to mention that over the past 15 years, Vancouver have restricted democracy on specific ‘Bubble Zones’ whereby acts such as protesting and photographing, to name but a few , have been made illegal.

What on earth is Pegasus Guardian 3 Spartan Rings?
These were a series of excercises being carried out by the V2010 Integrated Security Unit (ISU) during the week of October 19 to 23 in the Vancouver area.

You can check out a few images on flickr here:

Simply put, it’s a large scale coordination of police and military personnel.

Why is my spider sense tingling?
Aside from the overall contravention of civil liberties, I’m not at all comfortable with a recent commuter incident entailing the shutdown of a section of Vancouver’s SkyTrain during rush hour stranding hundreds of passengers following the discovery of a pipe bomb. My spider sense is tingling. My gut, for whatever reasons, is telling me that Vancouver is setting the stage for a false flag attack. I have nothing to corroborate this. It’s just a flippant musing.

Note: I searched ATS for threads relating to ‘Rule 51’ or ‘Olympic Charter’. No results were returned.

Useful links:

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posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 09:20 PM
You might be right, especially now that they have suspended Parliament until AFTER the Olympics. They're gonna lose all the work they were doing on bills that were close to passing and so on. Why would they suspend Parliament for this long? 2 months? Something is definitly up here.

It's interesting to note that the Galactic Federation people, St. Germain, etc., predicts earthquakes and tsunamis to wipe out the west coast of the USA sometime between now and the 2010 Olympics. Also interesting that they say the Olympics will still take place even though the main road (Sea To Sky) will "no longer exist."

I've been watching this story enfold for about a year now. They've had this prediction up for a very long time and now Canada shuts down Parliament until after the Olympics? I gotta say that is quite a coincidence.

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 09:25 PM
Where's the evidence that the west coast of America will be wiped out soon?

If it happens, then what's the point of the 2010 Olympics if Vancouver is wiped out too?

I just think there will be a false flag up to or during the 2010 Olympics.

posted on Jan, 7 2010 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by rexusdiablos

I have taken the time to compile and present a few facts in relation to the upcoming Vancouver Olympics. Enjoy!

exactly the same rule was in place at the Sydney, Athens, Beijing etc. It is not a conspiracy, nothing major will happen at this Olympics

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