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"He-Cession," Recession Harder on men!

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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 04:22 PM
Here are a few facts

The recession that has gripped the United States since early 2008 has been especially brutal for men. Nationally, it's being called a "He-Cession," with the unemployment rate for adult men now at 10.5 percent, while it is 7.9 percent for adult women.

Among African American men the unemployment rate is much higher 18 percent.

The reality of the economy is that many mid- to upper-management jobs will never come back. That means some men will have to move into entirely new careers, which means they may be out of work longer than usual.

In New Mexico, some 60 percent of the new claims for unemployment are from men, while in Santa Fe County it's 56 percent, according to the state Department of Workforce Solutions.

That's no surprise to Herb Greenwall, director of economic research for Workforce Solutions. Statewide, the construction industry is 83 percent male and the oil and gas business is 86 percent male. The areas that have seen job growth — education and health care — are just 38 percent and 21 percent male

Full story here

It would appear the country is seeing a fundamental role reversal in just who is the primary bread winner

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posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 05:05 PM
So there is only job security if you work for the government? This is bad news. Where is the money gonna come from to feed the lumbering beauracracy if not for the private sector?
Will my girlfriend buy me a house?

posted on Dec, 15 2009 @ 05:13 PM
to add a few more facts from a dated source Nov.
AP story from Dec 4

11,000: The net total of jobs lost in November

111,000: Jobs lost in October

139,000: Jobs lost in September

691,000: Average monthly loss in first three months of this year

7.2 million: Total decline in U.S. payrolls since recession began in December 2007



10 percent: November's unemployment rate, in double digits for only the second time in 26 years

10.2 percent: October's jobless rate, the highest since April 1983

10.8 percent: Unemployment rate in December 1982, the highest since World War II



52,400: The number of temporary jobs added in November, the biggest increase in five years

11,100: Jobs added in education

21,000: Jobs added in hospitals, nursing and other health care sectors

1,000: Jobs added in computer services

5,600: Jobs added in management and technical consulting

7,500: Jobs added in department stores



9.2 million: Number of part-time workers who would have preferred full-time work last month

2.3 million: People without jobs who want to work but have stopped looking

17.2 percent: "Underemployment" rate in November if you include the above two categories

17.5 percent: Underemployment rate in October, the highest in records dating to 1994



10.5 percent: Unemployment rate for adult men

7.9 percent: Unemployment rate for adult women



11.4 percent: Female heads of households

7.3 percent: Asians

9.3 percent: Whites

12.7 percent: Hispanics

15.6 percent: Blacks

26.7 percent: Teenagers

you'll note the new jobs created are not what most would call male-centric

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