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ATS.P: Astral Projection/OOBE Myths Busted! Podcast #3

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 02:59 PM

Astral Projection/OOBE Myths Busted! Podcast #3

This is my third installment of my astral projection/OOBE series of podcasts. Hopefully you all will enjoy listening to them - in this podcast I talk about a thread I had made about 20 astral projection myths and they are all explained within this podcast. Comments and question welcome, enjoy!

length: 14:30
file: atsppod_3315.mp3
size: 13590k
feed: atsp
status: live (at time of posting)

posted on Dec, 16 2009 @ 09:38 PM
Have fun myth-busting.

I've had an OOB in experience after returning to this world after a trip to heaven during an NDE.
(This was probably in 1975, because I had my baby girl with me.)

Of course my experience is not proof to anyone here, but it was proof of the reality of OOBs to myself and to the dentist and nurse who were present at the time.

While floating around the room I watched the dentist copy an ambulance number on his blotter, before he went back to my body a desperate last attempt to revive me by calling my name.

That drew me, reluctantly, back into my body. Seeing the distress of the dentist as he lied about the treatment, I just had to tease him. When he continued to lie I told him what number he'd written down. All he could do is blather that I couldn't have seen it because I was unconscious and it couldn't be seen from where I was in the chair.

However he had to admit I was correct, so then he told me the truth about what had happened and showed a bit of belated concern for my welfare.

Being a person who believed in logical, materialistic rationality, (which I respect, btw,) he was just about as shaken by this proof of an OOB as he was by thinking for a while his patient had died on him.

A funny coda to this story. Thirty years later I told a guy this story and he said I should see his dentist.
I was astonished to see this was the same dentist that I'd been telling him about. However he now had a whole string of letters after his name, including first rate qualifications in anaesthesiology. On realising this was my old dentist the guy was going to stop going there, but I laughed and explained the safest worker is one who has already seen he can make a fatal mistake and who has learned from it. Obviously this dentist had done a heap of study since to make sure he never had a real disaster in his surgery.

posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 08:05 PM
Just so you know (I'm confused about your comment) my 'myth busting' was busting myths that tend to scare people away from OoBE's. For example:

MYTH: While you are in your astral body you can be possessed by demons.
TRUTH: No, you cannot be possessed while astrally projected. Any sort of 'demon' you may come across is usually an image of your own fear, so looking to the light and using the power of love you can vanish this image away. Also you can raise your vibrations (or ask spirit guides for help) and you will be taken to a higher consciousness where a negative entity may not follow.

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