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Object In Bunbury Night Sky!?

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 03:39 AM
Hi, I'm currently situated in Bunbury, Western Australia.
On Friday night/early Saturday morning, between 1.30 am and 2.15 am I saw an object in the night sky. I've done a few very quick google searches to see if anyone else saw it, though I can't seem to dig up anything.
The best way I could describe the object was it appeared to my North and was falling from the sky, it had a very red tail, though it only appeared to be thin, then inbetween the redness there was a blue and then between the blue there was a lighter shade of blue again. Now as all of this started to fade, the whole thing would have been over within 5-10 seconds max) there appeared to be an object that detached itself from the light blue end (the red was when it first came in on the 45 degree angle then the blue was closer to the ground and the light blue being the closest to the ground) and fell even quicker, it was like it dropped off and started it's own fall, both the original tail and the object that detached itself almost faded at the same time.

Upon seeing this amazing thing I swear I heard my mouth drop open and roll down the road, but then as I turned the corner, I was walking home, always do and am very familiar with the night sky in this area, I saw how low the moon was, it was very unusually east and very very brightly wedge shaped. This made me think the object falling whatever it was was somehow headed towards the moon and then it decided to stop off on earth, from memory it appeared as though it was close, but in reality it was really a long distance off the ground and miles away (the falling object).

What didn't occur to me until today though is the fact that after I had my mind blown by whatever I had seen I also saw 2 planes, or helicopters, flying past each other, this was towards the Bunbury airport, though very rarely at night do you ever see more than 1 plane in the sky at a time, yet these two appeared to be right next to each other and were about 2 clicks to the right hand side of the moon. I know planes normally have lights that flash at night, and that is why seeing them made me wonder what they were, the lights weren't flashing and they were just 'on' and hovering towards each other, hence why I thought they might be helicopters.

Now a couple of other things I know is there was meant to be some sort of shuttle landing or spacestation landing, maybe? But also that Friday night was the 'Unite' crackdown on drunken violence the Australian police were having all weekend, therefore I could see helicopters being in the sky, but I still couldn't understand an object that appears different to a comet or fireball randomly landing when the moon was unusual and now to my knowledge there was a huge spiral going on on the other side of the planet...

I'm really trying to find other people who saw it, as well as an explanation of what it was, I've been out of this game for a while, as mysteriously my pc died after I moved back to Bunbury and I lost a whole harddrive of information full of conspiracies - footage, files, pictures, videos, etc, BUT that is another story, the point I'm trying to get across is I've only had my new pc for a month and trying to remember all the bookmarked sites I used to go to to find out this infomation isn't an easy task...

So if anyone in Bunbury, or somewher else, saw a blue red comet or object fall from the sky on Friday night the 11th of December or more acurately Saturday the 12th of December at 1.30am to 2.15am, then can you please make a post and let me know.

Thanks and I apologise if this is the wrong area to have posted this, please feel free to move the thread.

EDIT: Sorry as my computer crashed 6 months ago and I'm a bit out of touch with the web as well as still recovering lost data I forgot forums like this really need as much information in the opening post as possible, so please see THIS POST for a detailed description of what I saw, well at least the best I can give you so far.

Thanks again,

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 04:11 AM
Very Interesting mate, I'm just a little north of you in Mandurah W.A. and would love to hear also if anyone else saw this.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 04:15 AM
Yeah I just wish I'd had my phone out to record it, so beautiful but mysterious...
I haven't even installed all the programs on this pc yet to draw a rough sketch of what it looks like.

I just really hope someone else saw it or can tell me what it is...

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 04:30 AM
Well, maybe we could go an alternate route here mate, I know and work with people from Bunbury-Australind-Myalup-Harvey-Preston-Clifton-Mandurah which is directly north of you, so if yo can tell me the rough compass heading from you and height I can ask around.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 04:36 AM
Sounds good!
Directly in the top middle of this image I saw it...

So it was above the race track in the middle with the whiter coloured loop. It was very high up and in actual reality was probably alot further up the page if you could drag the image downwards but keep looking at the top centre spot it was probably a bit further up. Hope this makes sense!

Thanks mate!

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 07:04 AM
I have heard there are many reports of "jellyfish" ufos up north in the Pilbura, specifically Karratha. Apparently workers from some of the rigs up there are buzzing with stories of this thing. A mate up there believes many of the men are alarmed and afraid to speak about it. I can't find anything on the net. News seems to travel slowly from this region. It would be great if a local could shed some light on this.

posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 09:11 AM

Originally posted by serpentine
I have heard there are many reports of "jellyfish" ufos up north in the Pilbura, specifically Karratha.

YES! That's exactly what I would call it, only because it looked very jelly like in appearance and as though the light coming from the red and blue - probably also that combination - that made it seem very odd...

The only problem is Karratha is 12+ hours away at least, though I suppose if we're talking about a ship of some sort now then time is irrelevant.

I just wish I knew more about it... As it appeared that something left/fell out of the end of the jelly like beam I doubt it will be a recurrence and as I start work early in the morning I'm not going to wait up till round 2am to see it, I will get a chance to do the same thing however this Friday - seven days after the original, maybe that will shed some more light on the matter... until then if anyone else knows anything or has any videos/pictures of something similar to what I'm talking about it would be greatly appreciated if you'd post it here!


EDIT: There will be a post following this one very soon that I will post a bunch of pictures on and what I saw would be like a collaboration of all of those...
But as I was searching through content I have I came across this 'jellyfish' image - this is nothing, I repeat NOTHING, like what I saw but I believe it is what you may be reffering to serpentine

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posted on Dec, 14 2009 @ 11:13 AM
OK here goes, all these images below I want you to imagine are really just 1 object falling from the sky. The reason I've posted so many images is for people to really try and understand what I've seen, I just hope it doesn't have the opposite effect and confuse people!

The object was falling like the one below (notice what direction it is, it is as though the person taking the image saw exactly what I saw) but on more of a horizontal angle than vertical

it wasn't as round as the above but had the red and blue as though the red were on the outside, where the black is and the white was the light blue, with a lighter shade in the middle headed more downwards and the light shade of blue only touched the red shade via a darker blue colour in the middle.
the object was going a lot faster and therefore appeared as though it were a lot longer, like below

but it was flipped around/mirrored, as though you were looking at image 1 (the first image)
It went from a slight bulb on the tail end to thin to a very large bulb where the object dropped off like below
In actual reality it was probably all about the same width, there were perhaps just very large colour differences

The thing that dropped out/off fell out of the light blue centre piece, but as it dropped/tore away it looked as though it slightly dragged the main light blue with it, similar to how the image below is slightly faded on the bottom left

The piece that dropped away would be the size comparison of the craft to the white downwards cloud - underneath the right hand wing of this craft, about the craft lengths below the craft - in the image below

Now the way Serpentine described it as looking jellyfish like I would say is right, but I would say the images that are below this point represent what I’d call jellyfish like colours. Now what I’m describing has bright deep red on the outside which turned orange (very thinly) as it changed to a deep blue and then this blue goes into a light blue. The below images are a collection of coloured craft I could find that best represent the type of colours I saw, you now just need to kind of mentally visualise these colours with all of the above, then you will have in your mind what I saw. Please note the orange in the images below is too much for what I saw and is a very poor representation of the amount of orange coming from the object I saw, I’m mainly trying to give you an idea of the red and light blue, no images I have, have a good colour comparison for the medium-blue that join these two main colours - bright deep red and light blue.

Light blue in the very tip centre

The middle red one below

Ok now I’ve just found another couple and I’m wondering if it’s possibly either of these as they lit up in different colour sequences, for example the one below could have lit up the colours in this order to get the effect:
1: 3 red
2: Back darker blue colours – towards the bottom of the picture
3: the front blue ones – top of the picture ones
4: and as it got towards the last light blue ones it could do a big bang with the green one, as well as launching the ‘falling object’.
All these colours would light up within a span of a few seconds obviously and perhaps a reason for a big bang of colour at the end is so it gives the ‘falling’ object more time to get away from the craft so as no one sees it/is any the wiser!? Doing a kind of big bang towards the end also makes it appear as though the colours fade quickly as well making people forget exactly what colours they saw when.
If I had to put my money on it I’d say it was this or similar, if not I imagine the lighting effects could be done with a craft like the below image or similar...

Just another variation of the above

I hope this hasn’t confused you all, it’s just helping me to try and visualise to the rest of you exactly what I saw. I hope you understand why I feel the need to share with you all as well as ‘put it down on paper’ – so to speak!

Thanks and I look forward to anyone’s input/posts, as well as hopefully letting me know you aren’t to confused by the above.


posted on Dec, 17 2009 @ 08:13 AM
It's been almost 72 hours, does anyone have anything to add to this thread? I'm still looking for answers or for people who've seen something similar to what I've described!? Odd nobody has ever seen anything like this!?!?

posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 09:57 AM

OK XMAS rush is over now and I'm reading more and more reports of people seeing UFOs and wormholes and cones and etc etc etc.

I'm a completely honest guy and am still looking for answers.
What fascinates me is it was around the same time as the Norway Spiral and there are others with similar reportings of seeing things in other random locations at around the same time.

Even if you live on the oppostie side of the world, have you heard of anything like this? Seen anything like this? Have any pictures in a collection of things like this? Have a friend who claimed to see something like this?

I'm still looking for answers...


If no one has anything at all to add I will consider this thread closed and to me it will be yet more proof that there many things our juvenial race is yet to learn...

posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 10:09 AM
You might consider asking a mod to move this to the Aliens and UFO section of the boards. You will get more people looking at it and giving you their opinion about it there.

Sounds interesting. Any chance you could get video footage from an all night garage, bank, CCTV or something that would have been facing in that direction?


posted on Jan, 11 2010 @ 10:32 AM

Originally posted by m0r1arty
Sounds interesting. Any chance you could get video footage from an all night garage, bank, CCTV or something that would have been facing in that direction?


Thanks for the tip mate! I don't post all that often so I didn't know where to post it! As for CCTV footage, well it was directly above a trotting track - horse training ground - and therefore I doubt there would have been any cameras pointed that way. Even if there are cameras, they would have had to be looking directly high in the sky.
Still there is a couple of places I can try, like 24/7s and delis/ supermarkets that may just by pure chance have a camera pointed in the sky...
I'll get onto that tomorrow!

Again thanks for the tip bro!


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