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A Suggestion for a Compilation of Unique Alien & UFO Theories

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posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 02:49 AM
I put together a collection of my wife’s poetry into book form as one of her Christmas gifts this year and was amazed (upon completion) at the ultimate simplicity of the project. It started me thinking about creating something along the same lines toward a collection of fresh, new ideas and insights into the various Alien and UFO phenomena. I realize a great number of books exist touting one theory or another in reference to various aspects of the study, each tailored to the author’s own pet belief; however, I’m not familiar with a good collection of works that explores a variety of lesser known, more unique suggestions as appear on this site with surprising regularity. I’m wondering why that is and whether anything might be done about it. There are a tremendous number of unique, insightful presentations here daily.

The book I created for my wife is standard trade size, 5½” by 8½,” and about 80 pages in length. This size allowed me to get 4 pages to the sheet of paper, so used only 20 sheets per. I did use a 40 lb., high-quality paper and a heavier laminated gloss for the cover. Binding is of the comb-type for simplicity and economy. I only made enough for immediate family – about 2 dozen copies – and each cost about $2.50 US. The experience and research taught me I can produce others in the 200-page range for under $2.00 US each in quantity. I do believe it important to remain with high-quality paper and not cut corners there.

My suggestion is that we, Members of this site, work together to create a collection of lesser-known, but valid theories to address (or create thought and discussion regarding) various aspects of the UFO and Alien subject. Ideas, necessarily, will range from the mundane to the bizarre, from total denial to unquestioned acceptance (and both beliefs plus all in between should be included), from Extraterrestrial Origin to Government Project to Alternate Universe and Time Travel. I’d like to see as many theories of origin as possible. Theories of propulsion and intent should not be overlooked. Other possible peripheries such as crop circles and cattle mutilations are fair game.

I realize I’m treading on shaky ground by suggesting this idea. The one thing Members of this forum seem to agree on is that when ‘Book’ or ‘Video’ is mentioned, go into Caution and Suspicion Mode. However, make no mistake – I am neither trying to sell anything nor asking for money. I am simply interested in generating new discussion and thought in the hope of exposing some new ideas. It is fully my belief that most new discoveries and insight come from the guy on the street. There is, in my opinion, more ingenuity here than in the corporate labs. Indeed, not only do I not seek to sell anything, I’m willing to put my own money into the production of this project and print as many copies as needed to provide a copy to every contributor.

After reading this post, and realizing I wish to create a book, you may have justified concerns as to my ability to edit: don’t worry about that. I don’t presume to think myself an editor. While I have a passingly adequate grasp of the English language, I have far too many personal grammatical eccentricities to attempt such. I do have access to an individual quite qualified to handle that task who has agreed to act as pro bono editor.

My suggestion is that we work together and present some fresh, new theories to both the UFO Community and the public. While I don’t ask for money, I also don’t offer any. Anyone presenting a theory used in the book will receive a free copy of the physical product if they desire. Additionally, credit for all submissions will be given as desired, by actual, pen, or screen name. The physical book is more a token thing than the end result. The final collection will be made available free of charge for download via the internet in either pdf or text format.

This post is a brief overview of my idea and several things have not yet been touched upon (submission method, format, specific subject matter, etc.). Those will be addressed if and when there is any interest in the idea expressed, hopefully with the input of contributors.

Finally, two things: first, as to my qualifications for this project. Very little. I’m just some old white guy, mostly retired, with an interest in new ideas. I’ve always felt the best way to do something was to have no idea what you’re doing – that way, you don’t know what 'can’t' be done and go ahead and do it anyway. Second, as I said, I realize I’m on shaky ground with this suggestion, so, to the Mods, please advise and remove this post if it is inappropriate in any way.

posted on Dec, 13 2009 @ 04:35 AM
Cool, I'll be watching the thread to see if anything comes of this. I, myself, have my own theories, but I'm new and they're evolving. Good luck!

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