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end of America by 2050 must read

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posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 06:48 AM
Radical Movement's Leader Forecasts
America's Demise

IPT News
December 4, 2009 e

As the spotlight moves away from the Fort Hood massacre, one of America's most openly radical Islamist organizations has taken to the murderer's defense. As-Sabiqun, a Washington D.C.-based organization with branches in four other major American cities, released a flyer labeling shooter Nidal Malik Hasan as "victimized" and the "target of psychological warfare." The handout also defended convicted terrorists and suspects.

As-Sabiqun has repeatedly predicted the demise of the United States and dreams of "the Islamic State of North America no later than 2050." It has openly declared support for terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hizbullah, and even claimed it funded anti-American militants. With concerns growing over radical Islamist propaganda in the United States, As-Sabiqun is one of the leading organizations building a bridge between international Islamism and its developing American counterpart.

posted on Dec, 11 2009 @ 08:31 AM
From reading the article, it seems to me that this is simply this guy's dream and that he is fishing around the world to see who will join him in his quest.

He spoke in the US, London, South Africa, Iran -- all of which are hotspots for collecting radical extremists.

Frankly, I'm surprised the guy is still alive and the fact that he is may mean that he isn't all that effective in drumming up freedom fighters.

As fas as his actual message, it's not all that surprising. I would imagine that it's a little difficult to recruit suicide bombers without convincing them that it will be their death that sparks the end and allows "them" to declare victory.

Regarding Fort Hood, I'm not going to make the mistake of claiming to know whether or not this guy was really a would-be extremist trying to take out an entire army base or a lone Muslim fall guy for what is an obvious agenda in the US to convice us that all Muslims should be considered dangerous until proven otherwise. Neither scenario would be shocking nor unbelievable.

My personal opinion is that with the ultimate fall of the US, Islam will be a driving force and replace what Christianity has been.

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