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Third World Under Attack From Genocidal Climate Change Policy

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posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 09:51 AM
Everyday at ATS I beg Alarmists to answer how much human suffering are their measures worth, and they never answer the question, despite it all supposedly being about the tolls climate change will eventually have on humans. Millions are dying from starvation as a direct consequence of global warming fraud.

Third World Under Attack From Genocidal Climate Change Policy

The implementation of policies arising out of fraudulent fearmongering and biased studies on global warming is already devastating the third world, with a doubling in food prices causing mass starvation and death – a primary reason why the climategate crooks and their allies should be criminally investigated and hit with the strongest charges possible.

As Lord Monckton outlined in his recent Alex Jones Show appearance, climate change alarmism and implementation of global warming policies is a crime of the highest nature, because it is already having a genocidal impact in countries like Haiti, where the doubling of food prices is resulting in a substantial increase in starvation, poverty and death.

Poor people around the world, “Are being killed in large numbers by starvation as a result of (climate change) policy,” said Monckton, due to huge areas of agricultural land being turned over to the growth of biofuels.

The detailed article cites a National Geographic report:
Admissions from the World bank President:
link 1 link 2

“We estimate that a doubling of food prices over the last three years could potentially push 100 million people in low-income countries deeper into poverty,” he stated.

They also get into the leaked Copenhagen document that exposed the plot to further suffer the third world:

And then they tie it all in to the elites population reduction agenda, as endorsed by Obama's science czar.

This agenda was vehemently argued for by President Obama’s top science advisor and one of the pre-eminent climate change ringleaders, John P. Holdren, in his 1977 book Ecoscience, in which he called for installing a “planetary regime” to enforce draconian population control measures such as forced abortion and mandatory sterilization through the water supply.

Monckton's website:

It's pretty obvious that the overall attitude of the Environmentalist movement has total contempt for human life, as pointed out bya co-founder of Greenpeace:

The contempt for human life s an important measure in the argument that modern environmentalism has been co-opted by the post-Cold War Communists, as I've argued in other threads:
Gorbachev Exposes Global Communist Environmentalism Conspiracy.
Former US Presidents Explain Climategate

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posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 10:56 AM
That they are. The last video about sums it up.

I wonder if we conducted a poll here on ATS how closely aligned the people that believe the world is overpopulated also believe in man made global warming. I think that would be interesting.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 11:18 AM
I do believe man has played a major role in destroying the environment and the world needs Copenhagen treaty passed in order to survive and save the planet. Having cleared that the draft proposal which was secretly being discussed by the "Developed countries" is something I do not agree with.

posted on Dec, 10 2009 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by December_Rain

Poverty ruins the environment worse than anything. Either you eliminate the 'human threat' (kill everyone and remove them from the environment), or allow them wealth and industrialization. It seems most economists are well aware of this, yet somehow environmentalist extremists 'seem' to overlook this fact. So either they overlook it because it contradicts their goals, or they realize this reality and choose not to talk about it as their agenda is the impoverishment of the third world.

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