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Babylonian find in Egypt? Egyptian find in Israel? Connections?

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posted on Dec, 8 2009 @ 05:07 AM
I found the following and thought it contained some valid news, which we could discuss, due to the parties involved.

29. 10. 09. - 16:00
Austrian archaeologists make Babylonian find in Egypt
By Lisa Chapman

Austrian archaeologists have found a Babylonian seal in Egypt that confirms contact between the Babylonians and the Hyksos during the second millennium B.C.

Irene Forstner-Müller, the head of the Austrian Archaeological Institute’s (ÖAI) branch office in Cairo, said today (Thurs) the find had occurred at the site of the ancient town of Avaris near what is today the city of Tell el-Dab’a in the eastern Nile delta.

And in a reversal, the following was noted from earlier this fall.

New discovery hints ancient Egypt and Israel had ties during Early Bronze Age
September 2nd, 2009 - 3:56 pm ICT by ANI

Jerusalem, Sept 2 (ANI): The discovery of a rare, four-centimeter-long stone fragment at the point where the Jordan River exits Lake Kinneret, has suggested a link between ancient Egypt and Israel around 3,000 BCE during the Early Bronze Age.

According to a report in the Jerusalem Post, Tel Aviv University (TAU) and University College London archeologists found the fragment.

The piece, part of a carved stone plaque bearing archaic Egyptian signs, was the highlight of the second season of excavations at Tel Bet Yerah (Khirbet el-Kerak).


The new discovery suggests that these contacts were of far greater local significance than had been suspected.

The archeologists noted that the fragment, which depicts an arm and hand grasping a scepter and an early form of the ankh sign, was the first artifact of its type ever found in an archaeological site outside Egypt.

It has been attributed to the period of Egypt’s First Dynasty, at around 3000 BCE.

Finds of this nature are rare even within Egypt itself, and the signs are executed to a high quality, as good as those on royal cosmetic palettes and other monuments dating to the origins of Egyptian kingship.

I thought that these posed an interesting situation which could be addressed.

Biblical History

Where was Abraham From? UR?
His decendants eventually run Egypt. Jacob
They live in Avaris.
They leave and go back to Israel.

Are the Hyksos Israel?

Seems finds in the middle east maybe confirming this debated topic.

Your thoughts.



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