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Christmas story 2009

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posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 02:06 AM

Found this one couple days ago from my inbox. Since it hasn't popped up anywhere else, I might just post it here as the christmas time is approaching. Might take few posts to fit the whole story...

Christmas story 2009: Three ‘wise’ men and the son of a bitch

Long time ago, in a far away land, on the most eastern corner of the Mediterranean, there lived three wise men that were furious to the Emperor who had invaded their homeland. The Emperor had been arrogant enough even to change the original name of the land, which the three men had hoped to rule for the rest of their lives. Hence the three wise men decided to make a conspiracy against the Emperor and the whole Empire. Because they knew a lot, they came up with a very cunning plan that will eventually help their ilk to rule the whole world, so that no Empire ever could again invade their homeland; they knew how the power in the Empire was inherited through the bloodline, they knew the scriptures of their own religion and furthermore and most importantly, they knew how easy it was to seduce mortal men into the sin.

So they went forth to seek the most beautiful female child that their land has ever produced; a pearl of Mediterranean, the sweetest of all things that mother Earth had ever created. It didn’t take long for the wise men to find such; with their influence they soon adopted her to be raised up properly according the mission she would soon have: She was to become a mother of a god.

Years passed and the young girl soon became a woman – and the three wise men made sure that she received the proper education which ensures her loyalty towards themselves and the father almighty, who were nowhere to be seen. Mary – because that was the name of this woman, which by the way means the sea, or illusion, and who became ever more beautiful as the years passed – was then introduced to her forthcoming task by the Angel that three wise man had invoked. They chanted and chanted, sung and prayed at the presence of Mary, they made her drink sour juices, which they said would made her pure for the task she is about to have, so that she eventually became to feel so dizzy and warm, her vision blurred and eventually the angel appeared.

Mary obeyed the will of the divine; she began to associate with a man, who belonged to the certain ancient and honoured bloodline of their people, which the wise men had appointed to her. She told to her companion – who was a faithful man to God and Mary – that she must travel to the capitol of the Empire, for an Angel had told her to, and the three wise men, the most honoured amongst their people, confirmed that it is indeed the will of God.

So it happened that Mary travelled to the capitol of the Empire, accompanied by one of the three men, the wisest and honoured one; he was there to see that no mortal could meddle with the divine plan. With the help of the god, which was mainly invoked by the wisdom of wise man, their plan went on smoothly. The wise man – which was well aware of the character of the Emperor, who was inclined into the joys of beautiful women – succeeded in introducing Mary to him. The Emperor certainly saw the quality of Mary and was very well intrigued by her beauty. By the end of the night, they – Emperor and Mary – went into the bedroom and into the divine bed of the God, the Emperor:

- “Oh Mary, the most beautiful pearl of the seas of Empire, would you allow me to taste your sweetness?” asked the Emperor.

- “Your holiness, nothing is forbidden from you, and should you not be afraid, for I am known to be incapable of have birth, because I am prepared by your loyal servants, the people of the land where I came from, to be merely the joy for our benevolent and divine ruler”, Mary replied. “Besides, I am already a married woman, and it is for sure that should I give birth to a child, my husband would see that it would be disposed”, she continued.

Possessed by the beauty of Mary, her lies and the joys of the night, the God Emperor descent to the level of mere mortal for that night; so the night passed and it was most pleasant one for the Emperor, as Mary has been well trained for her task. It wasn’t disappointment for Mary either, for her task had been successful so far. Nevertheless Mary did feel sorrow, for she knew she must lie for her husband-to-become, that she is still a virgin; but Mary sought comfort from the will of the divine, who had told the will of God in great detail: It was deemed to be mandatory for the survival of their nation, the promised land of God, that was destined to become the Kingdom of God upon the Earth.

Quickly and carefully the wise man then extracted Mary from the house of the Emperor and they fled back to their homeland. Meanwhile the Emperor, not being a stupid man, began to think what has happened and started to inquire about the matter. Soon he became aware of the plan, for he had also wise counsellors who were able to see beyond this conspiracy. This made the Emperor furious, for there soon might be a bastard around in the Empire, who would have legal claim for the throne and he himself did not have a son child, merely a daughter.

During the time which the Emperor used to ponder appropriate measures to be taken, the three wise men did everything in their power to ensure that the male seed would begin to grow within Mary: They used all the magic that existed in those times and Mary suffered greatly; she was allowed to eat and drink only the foods and drinks that were approved by the wise men, she must complete the certain set of bodily exercises each day and also, she had to keep up lying for her companion, which she married shortly after, before the signs of pregnancy began to show in her body. The three wise men had wisely indeed chosen the companion for Mary to be an ignorant fool, a carpenter that would unquestionably swallow anything that they decided to offer him. So when he became aware of Mary’s pregnancy, they – the three wise men and Mary – convinced him that it was an Angel that had pronounced the Mary to become pregnant from Holy Spirit and was about to give birth to a child of a God.

The carpenter was astonished. For couple of days he was unable to finish any of his works because this was pressing heavily on his mind: How can this be? I know that I am a faithful man, fearful to the God, but I have no qualities, how could I overseer the growth of such divine child? While pondering all this, the three wise men came to visit his workshop:

- “My dear man, you seem to be concerned, what is troubling your simple mind?” one of them asked.

The carpenter then, relieved because of the concern of the three wise men, explained his troubles how he is unsure how, in the names of heaven, he could ever be capable for such task: To be a father for the child of the God.

- “Don’t worry my dear man.” said one of the wise men. “We will be there for you; we shall ensure that the child, preferably boy, will be properly looked after and we will make sure, that he will receive the required education.” he continued.

- “Also, you must understand that these are important times” said another one. “It is very important that we, as the eldest, shall invoke certain prayers upon Mary, so that we wouldn’t appear to be ungrateful in the eyes of the Lord.” he added.

(to be continued)

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 02:07 AM
Given the comfort offered by the eldest, the carpenter was relieved of his worries and the life of his and Mary was again smooth, happy life. But meanwhile, as they happy couple were prepared for the birth of the child, the Emperor had come up with a plan: All the people of that land were to be enlisted due the taxation and all the officials were given instructions to record any pregnant women, because they would soon add on total amount of people, should they give a birth to their babies. Of course, the real intention of the Emperor was to find out all the possible targets of assassination, for he knew that there is a possibility for a successor that could destabilize the power of his Empire with demands. So, all the people of that land were to travel into Bethlehem for the registration. Regardless that Mary was on her last days before giving birth, the wise men instructed Mary to travel also with her husband, because the officials seems to be everywhere, looking for suspiciously acting people. The wise men were conscious, that the Emperor might be aware of their plan. Once they would’ve been registered, they should immediately move into a far away land in the east, out of the reach of the Empire.

The three wise men travelled right behind Mary and her husband in order to see that everything went on safely, for this was one of the most critical phases of their plan. Right after Mary and her husband had arrived Bethlehem and they had been enlisted due the taxation, the birth took place: And behold, the son of the God had been born. The wise men were rejoicing, all their magic and prayers have been efficient to turn the seed into the boy child. Now, would he succeed to live at certain age, the Empire would be doomed, for the wise men knew a lot; they knew the prophecies of their own people, they also knew how to destabilize the order of Kingdoms and Empires with the son that is of royal bloodline, but more importantly, they knew how to create a golem, a terrifying shape that can enslave nations.

The wise men then entered the stable where the child has been born and lied to the people that were present, that star has led them there – in their mind it wasn’t a lie to be precise, for after all they considered this child to be the ‘star’ that would free their people for all times from the tyranny of other nations. With them, they brought also plentiful gifts, expensive oils and other valuables that should be sufficient for the child and his parents to flee far away, out of the reach of the Empire. But their excuse, the display of honour towards the Child of God, caused nasty implications in the form of consumerism in far, far future. So maybe the three wise men weren’t so wise after all, but selfish, narrow-minded nationalist loyalists, which have brought so much suffering in world; due to their desire to destroy the Empire and all other nations that pestered them in their horrible visions, they were unable to foresee that in future the misled people would spend fortunes on every Christmas, causing our poor planet to be filled with trash and robbed from resources.

MERRY CHRISTMAS wishes the Wandering Jew, Ramen Yaffa.


That's it. Merry christmas from my behalf also.


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