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Major Hasan, a mind-controlled patsy in what he may of thought was a drill

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posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 10:37 PM

Major Hasan Of Fort Hood - A
Patsy In A Drill Gone Live?
By Webster G. Tarpley

"In investigations like this, it is generally a great mistake to fixate on the scapegoat dished up by the mass media. The more we focus on the Oswald of the day, the less we understand of what actually happened. Let us turn away from the TV pundits, and listen instead to the eyewitness testimony of the troops who were present at the shootings. Many of them are on record agreeing that the events of November 5 were initially interpreted by those on the scene as an exercise, as a drill. Emphasis will be added to bring out this central fact. "

"How many shooters were there? Early reports indicated that there were at least one, and perhaps two, in addition to Major Hasan. Dow Jones newswires reported at about 5 PM Eastern Time: "A second gunman is in custody after a shooting at the Army's Fort Hood in Texas in which at least seven people were killed and 12 wounded, reports KCEN-TV of Waco. The report comes about two hours after a first suspect was captured, shortly after gunfire broke out."[10] According to the Dow Jones report cited, shooting had occurred in two separate locations on the Fort Hood base: "The incident reportedly began at Fort Hood 's theater and then moved to the Soldier Readiness Processing Center , Killeen City Public Information Officer Hillary Shine told Fox News." According to an AP wire, these facts were also announced by an official Army spokesman at the base: "The spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Nathan Banks, says two shooters were apparently involved. There is no word yet on who they were, nor on identities of the dead. Banks says the second incident took place at a theater on the sprawling base." [11] Many of the embarrassing reports about multiple shooters have been purged after the fact from websites, but a few have survived, as in the case of this Wisconsin radio station, where we read that the triple assassin theory had been embraced by the commander of the base: "Newsradio 620 WTMJ: Lt. General Bob Cone at Fort Hood confirms 12 dead, 31 hurt in shooting. Soldier gunman killed. 2 others in custody."[12] During the later afternoon, cable television talked of three shooters, and in the London Daily Mirror account we find: "Twelve people were killed and 31 wounded when three gunmen in uniform opened fire at the US Army's largest armoured base in Texas yesterday. One gunman was shot by civilian police and the two others held at Fort Hood ."[13] "

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 10:49 PM
In the immediate aftermath of any tragedy such as this, there is always a mad scramble on the part of the media to gather "facts" from as many sources as possible. This is how we end up with the great majority of conflicting reports and, ultimately, conspiracy theories.

Whether it be a blazing nightclub or a crashed airliner, a serial bombing or a mass shooting, the initial reports are invariably bungled, invariably muddled, invariably wrong.

That's why we appoint "official investigation" teams to go in, sort through the debris and bodies, interview witnesses in an orderly fashion, and attempt to arrive at a final determination of what actually happened.

For godsake, if we accepted media accounts alone as our only source of information, we'd never resolve anything.

— Doc Velocity

[edit on 12/6/2009 by Doc Velocity]

posted on Dec, 6 2009 @ 11:07 PM
I'm suspicious that the guy was a Manchurian candidate for a few different reasons. One of which being he graduated from Virginia Tech, which was accused of serving as a front for MK ULTRA in the 90's by an author claiming to be a victim of those programs. And sure enough, the same school also suffered the deadliest school shooting in this country's history, a bizarre and brutal decapitation earlier this year (both perpetrated by foreign Chinese national students, almost as if they're some kind of standard procedure), and other violence that I don't even remember off the top of my head. And the same school is located near an ARPA (advanced military research projects) base. This is all about an hour or less from where I live.

posted on Dec, 7 2009 @ 12:04 AM
reply to post by m khan

Its crazy that the first thing I thought of was "how do we know that this guy wasnt framed? because of the weird things he was saying, and now nothing he says will be believed"

I quickly figured that I was just being a "conspiracy theorist" since I spend so much time on ATS of course that would be my first impulse.

The fact that other people think the same way kind of bothers me, makes me wonder if there IS more to this story. Maybe he was supposed to be killed?

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