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posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 08:13 PM
I think that for the most part the time has come for all of us to set down and acknowledge the new line of thinking that is spreading across the globe.

For the last several long years, proponents of the global warming/climate change movement have been shaking thier finger at the world for everything from deforestation to vehicle exhaust, and possibly most laughable, cow farts....

Recently, amongst the scramblings of climate change leaders, news has come to light that many figures were altered, omitted, or even imagined in order to maintain this farce in face of the billions of people on the planet. This news brings with it two very heavy duties among earthlings. Allow me to explain.

It could be considered a victory for those of us (and i do say us as i was, is, and will be an advocate of anti-climate change due to humans...) who have tried to point out the true miniscule impact that humans have on earth, but in this victory we could lose the battle. the long term battle that is.

If it comes to be mainstream scientific community type accepted that climate change is part of a cycle and that the human element has little to no impact on the overall thermal mean of earth, that could lead to many politicians and people of power using this as an excuse to pump crazy amounts of pollutants in the air and completely destroy ecosystems and climates under the new umbrella of scientific findings.

For those of you (us) who have stood steadfast in the face of overwhelming figures and opposition amongst friends and fellow humans in order to shed light upon the climate change hoax, i now say to you that it is your duty to further success and ensure that we do not swing entirely to the other side of the proverbial fence, and that we do keep intact the importance of maintaining a low impact lifestyle on our enviroment.

While it is becoming more evident that the human factor has less and less to do with the overall temperature of the earth and the condition of the climate shifting, we can all agree that there is a human element in play with the diminishing wildlife area and the increasing cement park type atmosphere in the world. As more and more areas become first urbanized then citified, we see an ever decreasing availability of our natural habitat, and an exponentially increasing amount of pollution and trash amongst our living spaces. In these days it seems that (at least in the US) bigger and more is better and better, and only the threat (even if imagined) of humans destroying the climate has had any impact.

We should consider that a large magority of the people who pushed for regulations to ensure our climate safe did so with nothing but pure intentions. Not every person involved in the debates or actioins in response can be privy to data or have the education (not intelligence, pleace not i said education and not intelligence there. i am not calling anyone stupid ignorant or any of the likes, just misinformed on some key issues and there is no one here that is above that ever happening to them.... i digress) to make the hard nosed self conclusion and stick with it. And with this consideration, we can also accept that SOME (not all because the copenhagen treaty is a load, sigh, they cant all be winners...) of the ideas and implementations of these people were still GOOD for the overall well being of our natural habitat, and should not be overlooked for thier positive potential because they were proposed in light of erronious and falsified data.

I hereby challenge every single human being that these few paragrahs may reach to take a look around themselves, and try to imagine what the landscape may have looked like as recently as 20-40 years ago, or even 100, and then try to imagine what it may look like in another 20, 40, 50, 100 years. Forward progress in industry and technology are necessary for a race of beings to stave off stagnation, but it should not be at the sacrifice of natural habitats and thier beauty. A balance must be reached, and maintained, in order for our children's children to enjoy and understand the same basic beauties of our world that we enjoy today.


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