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The Modern World We live is an illusion

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posted on Dec, 5 2009 @ 04:57 AM
(sorry for my grammar, just try to catch some and i will edited them later)

(The Ancient societies)

Now lets rethink on what i meant by illusion you know the old saying from the movie matrix there is no spoon? well how about this.

Just imagine that someone whom every is controlling the earth, he or they have an agenda for our earth.

Now as mentioned i noticed somewhere in the bible they are talking about some groups or beings (they over earth)

so whoever these beings or number of groups are i will tell you one thing many christians claim, that the 10th commandments came from god in heaven given to moses in the mountain well i have a different belief what if moses actually meet some intelligent beings whom they have lived here on earth for years.

Maybe they lived in the mountains or underground for a period of time until they noticed us i often wondered this because i just don't believe that one man heard god talking over in the skies.

Now before i get back to moses lets recap the ancient civilization religions as you may be aware the Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and some others had many different gods and beliefs systems i believe that in the past the ancient wars weren't due to religions or belief systems it was due to Domination

In the past people in egypt, greece, rome italy and elsewhere accepted the fact the belief of many different gods, this way people will be happy and have something to worship about, no matter on whom the god might be or she.

however moses didn't like the idea of many different gods.

But i often wonder what if the groups or beings were actually controlling moses thoughts or mind? what if they were trying to be god like?

After the fall of the roman empire slowly soon the vatican was made and so were the bibles, churchs suddenly the memories of those lived in the during days of the roman empire slowly fainted away into our history books.

In the end of result 2-3 new religions thus were made, well the belief of many different gods fainted along with the roman empire and the old greece.

Now comes the current modern problem which i will talk about later this weekend.

Part 2 To Be Continued

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