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Army Times: ‘Trigger-happy’ private security undermines Afghan mission

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 08:06 AM
Can we please get the our people out of there and put General Betrayus on the Frontline?

By Muriel Kane

As the United States prepares to escalate its troop commitment in Afghanistan, the frequently counterproductive role played by private security contractors in that combat is drawing fresh scrutiny.

The Army Times reported on Tuesday that "ill-disciplined private security guards escorting supply convoys to coalition bases are wreaking havoc as they pass through western Kandahar province ... and undermining coalition efforts to bring a greater sense of security to the Afghan people, particularly because the locals associate the contractors with the coalition."

According to one Afghan security official, private security guards have killed or wounded more than thirty civilians over the past four years in just the Marwand district, and the district chief there claims that "most of them are addicted to heroin."

"Although the convoys sometimes carry U.S. military vehicles and represent a vital lifeline for the coalition effort," the Times explains, "no Afghan, U.S. or other coalition military forces accompany them. Instead, each convoy is protected by Afghan security guards armed with AK-series assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades in sport utility vehicles."

The problem is not new. A Congressional Research Service report (pdf) obtained last summer by Secrecy Times revealed that as of March 2009 there were more private contractors working in Afghanistan for the Department of Defense than there were US military personnel. The report further warned that "abuses and crimes committed by armed private security contractors and interrogators against local nationals may have undermined U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan."

"Most of them are addicted to Heroin." WOW, WOW.

Could that place get any worse? Seriously. How are we ever going to win the hearts and minds of the Afghani People when you've got a bunch of strung out, trigger happy Mercs killing civilians and blowing up hospitals and funeral services.

There's like 1000 taliban in Afghanistan. We have 100k troop and double that with the amount of private contractors.

We are so going into Pakistan. Beware of a nuke going off here at home to really get us in there.

Here's another story about our beloved heroin addicted, for hire killers.

Taliban: Blackwater to blame for Pakistan attacks

The Pakistani arm of the Taliban has denied responsibility for a recent series of terrorist attacks in Pakistan, instead pointing the finger at Xe Services, the security contractor formerly known as Blackwater, as well as the country's own security services.

"The Tehreek-e-Taliban are not responsible for the bombings, but Blackwater and Pakistan's spy agency are behind them," said Pakistani Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq, according to a translation from Al-Jazeera English.

Probably not the most trusted source, but it don't surprize me.

And finally a link to the forum discussing the Erik Prince founder of Blackwater/Xe admission he worked for the CIA.

So who are the real terrorists?

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posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 04:51 PM

I just wanted to link to the original Army Times article.

It's definitely worth the read. Bottom Line: The Contractors are making things a lot worse in Afganistan.

Apparently no one cares. Oh well it's just our War, our responsibility. We are the reason the Mercs. are there so....

For the 30,000th time Bring Them HOME.

RALLY AGAINST the War 12/12/09 Wherever you are. Support the troops.

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