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The Ultimate Game

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 10:30 PM
I'm just going to cut past the formalities for this one, I do not know or care how to approach this information other than the fact it must to be said one way or another.

We all need to adress these issues and of all these issues inside the self. Anything that directly pertaines to you, your self, or any aspect of your being, higher or lower form. There are all forms of and to life, we are also all forms of life and to love, as the grand connection is weaving throughout all existance radiating a pink light or of gentle love energy. This energy is earth's higher spiritual being(higher self of earth)in 5th dimensional enegery. All things have allready happend, past is the future and the future is the now, they act as one. Time is a not linear, it is circular. All parts of time from past to future including all dimensions at once can influence or navigate to you in the now. Connect with that by regnizing how your body functions and reacts and remember to not blow anything you think off as "nothing" because it is something. It is you and you are it. Why do you think the game of tag was designed like this for children? When a child tags someone, it is teaching them how to behave, anticipate, and most importantly how they "view" reality.

I know I dont have to explain to rules but I will be going into the rules and what they mean to a child. Tag is teaching the child to perceive this reality as a constant game of touch or run. By participating in this game, they are accepting the rules and thus accepting the games existance by playing it.

A game of any kind is a structer of rules that a person must comply to follow to be allowed to play or in order for the game to work. A game is what all people do as adults, we were taught as a child playing games with meanings that we never considered or understoood before now.

Everything is a game, from walking down the street to politics and the government.
Now were playing games that we can not differentiate from reality. You might then ask well if everything's a game what happens when we recongize the game and see beyond it, what would we see, what would be beyond it? Now I neither explain nor teach what is there. I can only say this,

You will find your true self and start playing the only game that was ever intended by god and you. And that is self realization and facing all of who we really are as we see ourselves, god, and everything eles in this realities mirror and what it means to us not what it means to someone eles.

TPTB are playing games with the world from a global level perspective, and we are playing these same games with them when we accept what we are taught and told to believe. When we give into the fear we are accepting their game rules and thus acting accordingly. There is no escaping the game, becuase that game is reality and escape would mean certain death, and it is a sad reality as this to be a prime or supreme cause of almost all death, distruction, mal intent, and suicide.

Well, why is it made that way? Fear is only another form of manipulation, those who pull the strings operate on fear. Most, if not all of this world opperate from the fear center. Which causes alot of fear related thing as I described and more.

So manipulation is just operating from fear, which connects out to all of the malicious instances of reality. So fear is calling out terrible things to manifest and for you to focus on this view of reality. This is accepting TPTB's game and it is literally playing out all on its own based on these thoughtforms of fear and distrust ect.(everything related to fear)

Once you see reality as the game it is, this information will make much more sense.

Love is the true energy of us, it is the essence of all things that moves and flows and pumps through your heart and to your brain and body. It is the life or sentience of the planet and is showing you this through fuctions in the body like blood pumping from the heart all the way down to the waves of music and the drum of a beat. Love is also a form of exercise of emotion or anything, becuase love is a form of light, simply put love is our soul and our souls contact with the body and mind. Right now love and soul are poking at us and asking to be seen/felt/heard.

When you play games of fear with TPTB you are forfiting your chance at personal growth, and you are losing yourself to some other entity. You are giving yourself away to another entity and accepting it as truth.

This reality is a duality so you have the love and fear aspects in one. Duality is a wave form moving up and down and essentially say the same thing or whatever thoughtform is at present. Change would happen very, very fast.

We need to take responsibility for our actions and our own thoughts and beliefs, nothing more. We cannot do this if we are accepting TPTB's games of duality, becuase then we fail to see ourselves and that is what we were meant to be doing here in our reality.

We were meant to be living our own dream and playing the games that we created, rather than playing other people's games, instead we were meant to be masters of our own games that we created in self.

The game we are playing with TPTB has different rules on each side and the side poeple play on is one that masks reality and is presented for people who wish not to look at self soul. They do not look because of fear and TPTB are giving the people exactly what they asked for. To not have to face our own inner demons, to not be self responsible and taking action.

There is no time, atleast not the way we understand it. Love is also different than what we think. There are so many facets of ourself that we fail to recognize.

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 11:30 PM
The people who protest or fight are also playing the same game.

We all are playing the game because that is how it works. It really becomes a game of mind and thoughtform than anything eles. All those things we see in reality, the horror, are only images of things reflected from us. Reality is showing us what is deep inside us and it is scary.

Until we deal with our own inner issues, reconnect with our issues and bring them up to incorperate, hate will continue to manifest.

Do things that bring you joy.

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 02:34 PM
Is it best to not participate in the game? How is that done? Are there any options? The big question is "Why?".


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