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Portland Police Provoke Paranoia

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 04:42 PM
I have seen recently threads and posts of police brutality and I realize some are sick of seeing it. i think this one is important. Portland is in need of some real support after this happened...

Earlier this month, Portland Police Officer Chris Humphreys was caught on video surveillance shooting a beanbag gun at a twelve-year-old girl at close range.

Many residents of Portland reacted to this spectacle with trepidation and paranoia. They’ve seen the videotape of the burly police officer and the little girl on the ground. And they remember that Chris Humphreys is the same officer who “fell” on a schizophrenic man who tried to elude the police and ended up dead as a result Chris Humphreys’s “fall.”

Here I think is the video. She looks awful big for a 12 year old. She appears pretty feisty too. Added:
Portland police marched in support of one of their own after Police Chief Rosie Sizer put Officer Chris Humphreys on administrative leave. Here's a photo of their march, right before Thanksgiving, where scads of police officers wore shirts reading, "I AM CHRIS HUMPHREYS."

James Chasse, 42, did something bad on September 17, 2006: He urinated in public. That is low-class and gross and, apparently, illegal. Portland police saw Chasse peeing on the side of a building and wanted to have a chat with him about it. But Chasse, who suffered from schizophrenia, was not in a chatty mood that evening so he took off running. The police officers chased and caught up with him. One officer took Chasse down hard, REAL hard, to the point where he had 16 broken ribs, a broken shoulder and sternum, and massive internal injuries. He was shot with a Taser multiple times. James Chasse died in police custody from the injuries he suffered that day.

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posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 04:46 PM
You should see what the police did to me, to try desperately for me to do something in london uk. They are like raving loonies when they go after your life, no care whatsoever for any human.

The worst police are killing people for there friends for no reason.

All over the world this stuff happens. If they target you today, they have plenty of toys to use on you, and they organise crimes against you to try to set you up and all sorts of things.

Its not just america, police are off the rails everywhere.

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