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Are secret installations to avoid globalism?

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 01:51 PM
I think most of us have a pretty strong conviction that the government (or national governments in general) have secret strongholds and headquarters where they could survive a disaster or an attack, etc.

It recently occurred to me that maybe in this country our government is concerned about losing it's sovereignty by being absorbed into the UN or some other global government - this would explain all the evidence for secret installations and cities underground, etc. U.S. leaders have always been thoroughly divided as to whether the U.S. should be a UN member or not. The pressure for globalisation gets stronger and stronger. Still the globalists gain support AND opposition simultaneously. Is it possible that some people in our government, maybe people associated with the military, have broken away from the political mainstream and formed their own shadow government in opposition of globalism? This would be the ORIGINAL U.S. government, albeit one that has become afraid and paranoid that it could be taken over by a European backed UN effort at globalisation. Maybe people who had ties to the Eisenhower administration. Old Ike really was a TRUE American who wanted to preserve American independence from foreign absorbtion and interference.

What do you all think about this theory as a motive for building secret military strongholds in this country? If this is true, it must mean that they really fear it and have intelligence to support those fears and justify the work it would take to build such facilities.

Picture this: Sometime in the mid 21st century ad strong provisional global government had been formed and is gaining ground fast by absorbing governments fast. Now they have their eyes set on "converting" or absorbing the U.S. into the collective, a trophy they have been after for a long time. Once they finally manage this their monopoly on world power will be complete as they have been slowly undermining European governments for a long time. Europe is actually their secret base of operations. Maybe they had their own secret underground bases in France or Germany or in the Russian Urals. After years of political games in Europe they have finally unified Europe into a fighting force which serves them. China is perfectly cooperative because of refined mutually beneficial trade agreements and will never oppose them. Russia too. The Arab world has been absorbed into the corporate global empire with Israel as the eastern capital of this empire. Small Islamic tribes who also opposed globalism have been smashed and obliterated by Irael, backed by UK and US globalists who support the consolidation of an all-powerful UN. Now the only "problem" is a group of holdouts in the United States who have been stockpiling weapons for 70 years and building subterranean fortresses throughout the continent. They saw this coming since the 1940's and made the decision long ago not to participate, seeing traitors in their ranks slowly signing over American rights and posessions to the globalists. "Real" America retreated underground, not knowing who they could trust. Sooner or later they will be seen as the only threat to the global empire and a UN invasion force will be sent to flush them out. American civilians will be harshly scrutinized for who their loyalty actually belongs to. The UN will do everything possible to convince these civilians that their best interest lies in joining the empire and condemning their old goverment for excluding them from these wonderful benefits. Unfortunately, we may know less about our government at this point then we actually know about the globalists! It will be difficult to decide who to pledge allegiance to anymore.

posted on Dec, 1 2009 @ 11:32 PM
Ok, I'll bite. It is definatley an interesting theory. But unfortunatley the reasoning behind secret facilities is to protect our research into weapons from our enemies and even our friends to an extent. Military doctrine is clear in the matter of advanced weapons research and revealing too much of your capabilities before it is absolutely needed ( SunTzu Art of War, great, if not long read, I might add). SO that being said as for your later theory about who to side with, I believe if push comes to shove and the MIC's ability to function as normal is threatened, by globlaization or even an U.N. invasion, I believe that we would see the MIC go into survival mode and the people of the U.S. would have some very new military hardware on our side. Globalization, would spell the eend of massive covert military spending, and I think you know all to well that is not going to fly.

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 07:48 PM
reply to post by djvexd

Well, maybe I should have started the thread under Secret Socieities.
What I'm getting at is that even since the American Revolution, the U.S. government has been infiltrated by imposters and traitors, many of whom are associated with the European secret societies like Illuminati, whose goal is to create a NWO. These people realized that the U.S. would become a world power at that point...and what a GREAT asset IF it could be controlled through banking!! So when it was realized that bullets would not stop the Americans, the war became about dollars. Gradually this has got worse and worse. Gradually our Federal Reserve has been taken over by foreign investors for one, and what about the more executive area of government? Could it be that the military has isolated itself in preparation should a coup d'etat be neccessary if and when the White House becomes totally under the financial thumb of the NWO? There has been a secret internal battle going on for years of corrupt politicians trying to sign America over to global or European control. I live in an area where the local highway system is leased and maintained by a SPANISH company. Our local amusement park was also owned by another Spanish company. I'm sure this happening everywhere. What happens when they finally have the right to come in and do what they want because they OWN everything and global courts back them up in their ownership?? No doubt more and more people in our government are working with these foregn investors for personal gain. So there you have it: The White House finally sells out, and the foreign investors demand access to their North American "property" and send a UN taskforce to pry it from the hands of unwilling Americans who could stop this 250 year conspiracy. And inside the mountains and under the deserts the real patriot holdouts of the U.S. military prepare for a battle of star wars technology. Maybe they even EXPECTED to get beaten back by the UN into these facilities, and that's an important reason many of them were built. The UN would sweep across the US taking names and securing cities (hell, they already have their loyalists in many important U.S. political offices, so there isn't much resistance on that level. That's what enabled all of this to happen in the first place). And those Americans who bear the mark of this beast are given a pat on the head and the rest are reduced to slave status. Meanwhile the recluse U.S. military starts unleashing star wars/UFO type weapons from underground, and on US soil starts the highest tech war in global history with Americans caught right in the middle.

No doubt such weapons were developed in the underground networks, but I think now (and this is my thesis for this thread), that the U.S. government might feel that it will have to retreat to these underground cities and networks in the future to survive in the shadows in a world dominated by a Eurostyle NWO.

So here's the part about a coup d'etat: Maybe part of the reason behind the mammoth spending and labor on black projects and

posted on Dec, 2 2009 @ 09:09 PM
Well to respond.. first U.N. troops that are supplied to the U.N. by member countries are not frontline troops and generally are about as combat proficient as a group of ROTC cadets. Secondly I do agree with you on the politicians trying to sell us out to the U.N./European concerns. Where me and you differ however is that, let's assume that the U.N. manages to obtain frontline troops from these "agressive property owners" and decided to "take" what is thiers. They don't have the logistical support to do so first off and even if somehow the president and politicians tried to order our military logistics divisions to move troops and vehicles , we would have ALOT of warning. Something of the size you are speaking of would take weeks to coordinate if not months and there would be NO way it wouldn't make it under the radar. Secondly that would be declared an act of war , if not by the president by the next non-treasonous leader in line (if the president was involved of course.) There are protocols in place by the MIC to ensure launch codes and etc. cannot be used by a treasonous civilian leader. So the military aspect of your theory honestly wouldn't fly. I understand what you are saying though. Although I do honestly believe, with all of my and my family's gov't experience, that if the president or an administration attempts to scede soveriegnty of this country to a foreign entity or world body, he may sign the legislation but it wouldn't be more than 1 week before him/her and advisors would be arrested and charged and the legislation would not be recognized. Now if that eventuallity occurs then we might be in for a war if the global or foreign power decided to enforce it. As for underground bases and such being used as safeway houses perse, yes they are probably tasked for the eventuality but I highly doubt it would ever get that far. The only way the global body has any teeth is if the nations under it's cusp have the spine to do it's bidding and to tell you the truth if the U.N. is any example of what we are to expect, then the NWO or Illuminati or whoever might not be as smart as everyone is trying to make out to be.

posted on Dec, 3 2009 @ 09:08 AM
reply to post by djvexd

I think you have a alot very valid points in addressing this.

Let me ask you this in the meantime:
Which government do you think is host to the Black Triangle "ships" which are seen all over the world? They are seen here in the U.S., and one of the most famous sightings was in Belgium, an important seat for the globalist platform. Do you think these are a secret U.S. project, a European project, an object of extraterrestrial origin, or a project of some shadow government or NWO? These things exist, nd they've been seen all over the world, not just near Los Alamos or Las Cruces or Area 51. I lived in a rural place which was crawling with those things. I never saw one but two of my friends did and never changed their story in almost 25 years. They were truly scared and bewildered. I didn't see it, but I did see other very strange things in the same area. They seem to be tied in with the sighting of those Black Triangles. So I ask you this: WHOSE are they?

I have to go to work, but later I want to talk about and thank you for some of your insights regarding my initial post.


posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 06:16 AM
reply to post by brofjw

youre on to something, in its simplest form, now what do you do?

posted on Dec, 4 2009 @ 09:04 PM
reply to post by HappilyEverAfter

I would say collect more data and start networking and expanding and spread the word. The more fertile minds this stuff passes through, the more it will grow and develop into a consensus.

If eventually there IS some kind of military action or covert project carried out by the Black Triangles, at least people will know what they are seeing. I think if it is someone's government, then that goverment would LOVE to have us freaking out and crying "ALIEN INVASION!" so they can come and save us. Maybe that's the wild card they will eventually play when phony 9/11's finally start failing to bluff the public. They might be saving the best for last, and they might use technology that the public will not expect which goes way beyond someone simply smashing airliners into buildings. How about disappearing ships in midair? Look at all the movies coming out now, which scream "BELIEVE IN THE %$#@ing APOCALYPSE, DAMMIT! WE'RE GETTING IMPATIENT WITH YOU!"

What do we do?
Keep calling the bluff.
Yes, if someone blows up a building believe it.
But that doesn't mean you have to believe where the mainstream media starts pointing its fingers. They're just the paintbrush not the artist.

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