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We Are From What There Is (Documentary)

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posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 10:53 AM
Here is a pretty fantastic documentary called We Are From What There Is. Description:

Great Questions framed by both science and religion in a series of acts. The distinction between science and religion becomes increasingly blurred, since we realize that, in essence, both science and religion describe the same phenomena.

Its a good view at the 'multiverse' theory etc. for the person just getting into the subject. Strangely enough I'm having a hard time finding any other evidence of this documentary's existence other then on DailyMotion, so if anyone has any more information as to if this is the doc's actual title or not please let me know.

We Are From What There Is Playlist
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

posted on Nov, 30 2009 @ 12:11 PM
reply to post by Tgautier13

I've been wanting to watch this. Thanks for the link!


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