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Upfront money needed to ease UN climate deal

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posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 02:01 PM

NEW YORK (AP) -- Money on the table - perhaps $10 billion a year or more - could help close a deal in Denmark next month and keep climate talks moving toward a new global treaty in 2010. But if poorer nations see too little offered up front, the U.N. conference could end in discord.

The money would help developing countries cope with ocean flooding, drought and other effects of climate change, while also helping them cut down on emissions of global-warming gases. The funds might eventually come from new sources, such as a tax on airline flights, but negotiators for now are seeking quicker infusions.

"Rich countries must put at least $10 billion a year on the table to kick-start immediate action up to 2012," the U.N. climate chief, Yvo de Boer, told reporters last week in a preview of the two-week conference opening next Monday in Copenhagen.

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Wow, so in order for us to correctly fund and "fight" climate change, they require a 10 Billion dollar deposit from rich countries, to "encourage" poorer nations to do better?

That makes a lot of sense. And where do you think that money will come from? Cap and Trade, and the airlines fees ofcourse.

More taxes on us the people and less on the rich and government, to fund this obvious HOAX of climate change.

Thoughts anybody?


posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 03:17 PM
Thoughts, yes.
They want 10 Billion before there even is an signed agreement ?
That alone screams trouble, how long after this agreement will you and I start struggling to feed our kids if these monster are going to need all our cash to save a world that cant and dont need to be saved from an catastroph that is 'made up' mostly ? ..

How much do they need in total ? 100.000 trillion ?


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