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The Tragic Cost of Political Idiocy

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posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 01:33 PM
Allow me to preface by stating that i believe "politics" is a valuable necessity for a civilized society. "Politics" is nothing more than a word to describe the process in which people engage in debate over what is better or worse for the masses at large.

It's like going to a meeting at work, and the boss asking for someone elses perspective so that the company can make the best decision. Politics.

But for free thinking people in the modern world (and for the sake of argument in this thread, we'll concentrate specifically on the United States) Politics has become a ideological pestilence to which there is no platform to fight against.

What i mean is that our society has become so engraved in the world of Politics, that the idiot masses have taken it as their own, and forever robbed this country of a justifiable political process.

Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Tim Robbins, Keith Olbermann, Sean Hannity, Alan Colmes, or Bill O'Reilly. These are all names we recognize immediately, but for what?

Do we recognize them for their ability to anonymously stand up to oppression, even in the face of doom?


Do we recognize them for any sort of contribution to the world, say in the form of art, music, or science?


We recognize them for their ability to take reality and manipulate it to it's absolute #ing breaking point, and then pass that twisted, altered, and disgusting new reality to the idiot masses to feast on, forever making them all much less capable of individual and/or rational thought.

We live in a society that idolizes the magic picture box by adorning it in our living rooms, bed rooms, even our bathrooms....and even going so far as to naming a room after it - the T.V. Room.

And, for the idiot masses anyways, anyone who appears on the ol' Boob Tube seems to have more credibility and appeal.

Case in point:

Celebrities mixing in Politics

And Politics has stretched into every avenue in our country -

We even have a 'tradition' of allowing politicians to pitch the first ball at our baseball parks.

Every where we look - our elected officials are exploiting our way of life in order to get into our living rooms, and hopefully influence our opinions, so that we may vote them into office for another 2, 4, maybe even 8 years and beyond.

But for what?

A Better American?

We have NONE of that, yet we still have political yes-men running around in every nook & craney (even a lot here at ATS) posting idiotic, fruitless, cowardly attacks on the opposition all in the name of the almighty election.

NOT in the name of what is best for the masses at large.

We have turned over our country to the politicians, and they have turned over the country to big business, and tricked us into believing that it's so we can have jobs, health insurance, and roads.

I seem to remember a period in time when we had roads, we had jobs, we had Family with homes, and children, and a dog. We had all of that which is now only a dream, and we didn't have a need for health insurance.

Why? Because we could afford to go to the doctor. If we got sick, we could rest and get better, not make it worse by worrying about the bill.

Politicians then use this line of thinking to convince you to elect THEM so that you can get Health Care! It's either going to be free from the democrats, or a tax incentive from the republicans ! YA!!!

Except that it's not, its just another ploy.

Personally - i'm of the opinion that the health care industry should not be grossly profitable. But i arrive at that conclusion via morals, not capitalistic tendencies.

Our tragic cost is our humanity. Politics has taught us that "my team" is always right, even when they're wrong. It's okay to have Christian Laws, but not okay to have Muslim laws, even though the constitution says it's not okay to have ANY law erected that favors a religion.

Republicans call Liberals hateful sodomites.
Liberals call Republicans fruit-bat religious morons.

It's all one big name calling fiasco - and the idiot masses are left in the middle, choosing a side so as to not feel left out - and they don't even REALLY know what's going on.

Our Humanity is forfeit when we'd rather please a politician with trillions in tax dollars, than to give a homeless man $5 for food.

Our Humanity is forfeit when we send billions to another country, but spend pennies on our own impoverished and unfortunate, all because a politician told us we have to.

Our humanity is forfeit when we justify murdering millions in the name of a facade we call "freedom" when our freedom was never in danger to begin with.

Our humanity is forfeit when our elected officials are allowed to influence our opinions on matters that don't concern political agenda:

And lastly - our humanity is forfeit when we allow politicians to tell us to go to war with our neighbor simply because we disagree on how to get to the same destination.

When will the idiot masses get the wake up call they so desperatley deserve?

When we will all be allowed to take back our ability to think for ourselves and stop having some filthy rich politician influencing our lives for us?

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posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 01:11 AM
Well, I agree with the sentiments - and certainly theres a lot of accurate statements and observations in there.

The only thing I disagree with is the order of events. Politicians didn't hand over power to big business, the banks took control of politics over 150 years ago.

The controllers behind the politics have had to move slowly and carefully to adjust perceptions and gain more and more control over people in general - certainly politicians have been a great part of their power to influence - but the television and newspapers have been the true source of their ability to adjust civilization to a point where they are undisputed masters - and most don't even see them - to most people its a conspiracy that doesn't even exist.

If only people could clearly see the enemy of freedom - the enemy of humanity - the enemy of us all. Once named, once seen - such an enemy can be defeated.

Only be not using banks, refusing to pay taxes, and becoming self sufficient can people defeat the controllers. They want us dependent on them, with debt, utilities and for every thing upon which life depends - food, water, shelter - only by supplying them for ourselves free of charge can we win.

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