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Papoose Lake as seen from Bonanza Peak

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posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 12:32 AM
I did an exploratory hike up Bonanza Peak this fall. Time and a disappearing trail lead to quitting a bit short of the peak. Anyway, you can see Papoose Lake and there is nothing on the mountain. This summer I'll climb to the top and use a telescope rather than a telephoto lens. I sure hope this will put the Bob Lazar story to rest, but I suspect not.

Photographs taken from
N36.36970 W115.75542

Papoose Lake as seen from Bonanza Peak

Other photos from the same area.

bonanza wide

Bald Mountain from Bonanza Peak

some buildings as seen from Bonanza Peak

same as above, but cropped

wiggly road

probably a convoy target

corn creek

dog bone dry lake in the background

NTS as seen from Bonanza Peak

some reflective spec out in the distance

Funny looking soil, perhaps due to underground base (just kidding)

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 01:16 AM
Beautiful photos.

Originally posted by gariac
I sure hope this will put the Bob Lazar story to rest...

Really? That seems like a strange "goal" for such a trip. Why not just go with the goal of photographing a beautiful natural landscape?

If you happened to catch something unexpected on film, I certainly wouldn't consider that to be "proof" that Lazar was telling the truth; so how would photos lacking something unexpected "put his story to rest"?

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 01:57 AM
reply to post by redmage

The goal was to photograph the new Lockheed base at the Nevada Test Site at Yucca Lake. Computer said it could be seen, real life verified this.

The next trip I'll photograph it from the peak.

I already know there is nothing at S-4 since I can see it from Google Earth.

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by gariac

Hi Gariac,

Thanks once again for all the physical effort and the quality photos. Although not an armchair specialist have only ever seen everything from 'road' level.

The reflective 'spec' any ideas? Windscreen from a Camo Dude vehicle? If so, they must be more prevelant than I thought.


posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 04:20 PM
reply to post by The Wave

When you set up google earth to resemble the views from the peak, some bright spots are there in both and some are not. Hence permanent versus transient. I really haven't dug into that particular bright spot. My interest was the secret airport. Secondary interest was stuff "behind" Groom Lake since they fly UAVs in that valley. Third was the NTS. Fourth were any Nellis bombing targets.

You really don't want to haul all the heavy optics until you scout out the area. So I just brought binocs and the camera. All those photos were done with a monopod.

posted on Nov, 28 2009 @ 11:54 PM
Outstanding photo's gariac, Quite impressive.
This type of hands on investigative effort is what ATS is all about, I wish there were more folks like yourself doing this.

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