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How I made my own prison by my own mouth

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posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 11:00 AM

Funny how I promissed things just so people could be "happy" with me...

I thought - unconciously - that maybe if I always said yes to the requests of the world, everyone will like me.

As most things in life, It was completely the opposite of my assumption.

Some people continualy take from you...

And when you promisse and can't deliver you feel like sh1t, but you can't blame anyone because you binded yourself. It was your mouth, your words, your decision. Even if them persuaded you.

Moral of history: Just STFU

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posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 11:14 AM
it's sad but true. it's difficult to be a nice giving person and not be taken for a ride. don't give up on the world, some people will give you more than they could possibly take, dump the takers and hold the good people close to you.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 11:23 AM
Yup. I personally go by the saying, "Don't let your mouth write any checks your butt can't cash". People will generally be a lot happier if you tell them the truth. If they aren't, then it's probably better for you if they don't associate with you.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 11:37 AM
You just have to learn to say NO.
It's tough to do that, you may feel guilty for it, but it pays off in the long run and frees you up to do the things you can do.
Saying no also makes for less stress.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 11:52 AM
I like to be honest with people. A lot of the time it makes me sound rude, mean, hateful but I can't help it. I won't cut my own throat for other people. Don't get me wrong, I'm not selfish and I love to share what I have with people whatever it be because I like everyone to enjoy something as much as I am so we can all be happy, but I won't hurt or hinder myself to do it. We all have to carry our own weight, if I can help you I will but I still have myself to lookout for.

posted on Nov, 27 2009 @ 11:58 AM
reply to post by infobrazil

I feel your pain, my friend. I lived like this for years and years. Finally, after about 30 years, I learned that it's ok to say "no" sometimes. It's amazing how liberating that one little word can be. I'm still very generous and I enjoy it, but I don't do it just so that people will like me. I'm a nice person, so if people don't like me, that's their problem. Not mine.

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