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MOD Glasgow on hightened threat level!

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 04:29 AM
Im not sure which category to post this in , I just thoght it worthy of mention here!

My fiance' delivers food and refreshments to local businesses in and around glasgow city centre. She works around the corner from the MOD building near bothwell street in glasgow the financial and business district.

She explained to me that she has delivered food and refreshments to the MOD building quite regularly , She is always told to deliver it to the same floor each time , and to never go to level 4 in the building as this is off limits. She said that the security gaurd in the lift has to enter a security code for them to even get onto level 3.

Anyways she was in the lift with her colleague to deliver food and refreshments to the 3rd floor as usual , however the security gaurd asked them " Is this the food for the meeting on level 4 , My fiance replied yes but we usually only deliver to level 3 , the Gaurd replied yes thats fine i'll let you on level 4 anyways it wont matter"

Now she said when she entered the room there was a large display of some kind , she said it wasnt digital or a projecter but much like a plastic wall board with moveable slides .
She said that the title was homeland security threat level , and it had colours going in spectrum from blue low level threat to red high level threat , and she said that it was sitting currently at hightened 2 from the top !
Her colleague is Polish and doesnt understand english very well. My girlfriend explained this to me when she came home and is pretty freaked out by it , she said they delivered the food and drinks and there was a large glass conference room and a woman in suit came rushing out paniced and said right thats great leave that there we will drop them off later , talking about the coffee tankards. They were promptly rushed off the floor to the elevators!

If anything a strange and unusal occurence wherein my fiance got an accidental look at the terrorist threat level for glasgow !

I totally believe my fiance , she wouldnt make this up !

Any thoughts ????

Its freaked me out as well , should we expect a visit from the MOD soon ?

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 05:17 AM
Well with all the neds and junkies you'd think we'd be in high red permanenetly!

It wouldn't surprise me if Glasgow was the next big false flag location. There's a large asian community but relationships amongst the population are good and racial incidents surprisingly few for such a large and diverse city. And with the recent anti-racism protest being so popular perhaps they want to shake it up a bit.

The city centre evacuation plan has been popping up in shops throughout town too:

City Centre Evacuation

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 05:50 AM
my fiance' was really freaked out by it and she doesnt usually make stuff up like this for the sake of it !

She is pretty clued up and very intelligent , she mentioned she saw large evacuation plans on the poster boards as well as the threat level indicator!

Wouldnt surprise me if this is all just propaganda , im curious as to how they got on this floor that time , maybe it wasnt an accident after all and they wanted someone to start fear mongering !

posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 06:14 AM
2 from the top, so the 3rd level? I think that's about normal these days, maybe a little high - the MOD does have boy's out at war remember.

When I used to live on bases as a kid there was always the bikini state board by the gate house - this was back when the IRA were still pretty active - we could usually just tell by our walk to school, if the state that week was pretty low we had civi police on foot patrol around the married quarters, if it was a little higher it was army guys walking around in pairs with the SA80's... That was just normal there... You would see all the dad's in the morning on the cold days checking under their cars before starting them up - us kids were even (informally) encouraged to spot activity, and my dad made sure I knew what the underside of all our cars looked like so I could spot anything suss!

When it's at 2 that's high - that's strong suspicion of activity or threat - when it's at the top that is real serious, that's specific information, or threat imminent... But that could just be a local threat, it doesn't have to be a national one I don't think (could be wrong)...

If the threat level was high I doubt the security would of been laxer than normal (as in the guard casually letting people into an otherwise restricted area)

edut: and remember the MOD is contently drawing up and revising plans - that could of been part of that process..

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posted on Nov, 26 2009 @ 08:28 AM
Im thinking the old security guy that accidentally let them on the floor will have a p45 soon enough !

posted on Nov, 29 2009 @ 12:43 AM
Threat levels change quite regularly dependant on the Sy Int that comes through at any one time. An explaination of the threat levels is given below

Low - an attack is unlikely
Moderate - an attack is possible, but not likely
Substantial - an attack is a strong possibility
Severe - an attack is highly likely
Critical - an attack is expected imminently

The current mainland threat level is SUBSTANTIAL. For N Ireland it is SEVERE. This relates to the current level of terrorist activity in N Ireland lately. It never goes to low, and I personally don't see it going to Moderate any time in the near future.

Threat levels explained

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