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Interdimensional tourism incorporated ....

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 11:38 AM
This story has been written and saved , so that my son can one day understand
this world , and my place in it.
Originally , I come from a parallel world. ,an Earth the same as this one , but in
another dimension . It occupies the same space and time as this world , but there
is one fundamental difference . My home world is ruled by God ;, this one , by satan.
My home world has no sin , no corruption . There is no money , guns ,drugs , or
crime of any kind . Evil does not exist anywhere . People live out their lives in peace
and harmony , in tune with the Creator's will . There are no prisons or criminals . No
lawyers or politicians . No war , starvation or suffering . Everyone is equal , and valued.Language is not written or spoken much. All communication is telepathic , but can be selectively used or directed , in much the same way as the spoken word . [music and visual arts , the exception]
A long time ago , my ancestors discovered this Earth , and have been visiting ever since ,through a number of inter-dimensional windows , that have been maintained over the past ten thousand years . When moving between dimensions , time is suspended , and can be re-entered at any point , so the history of this world , is like an open book ,that can be studied by my people . A living history book , but with Evil on every page .
I will be replaced at a pre-destined point , and another will take my place.
Some of you have seen our ships in your skies.
I take yearly holidays home , and spend a few weeks there , then arrive back here an hour after I left !

Because my people are as one with God's will , this world , and it's past and future , have become a tourist attraction for us , a lesson on how not to do things .
Over the course of history , God has directed us to intervene at critical moments ,
to gently turn your reality back towards Him , by undermining satan and his machinations .
This is a long term project , that will bear fruit in another ten thousand years , as your population becomes more and more aware of their situation . Eventually , my world and yours will have open communication , and some of your descendants will travel to my world and become student guests , but first , there is much work to do , to realign this world with God's will .
I have been placed here on an almost permanent basis , to continue and extend
the changes that have and will take place here . These changes are gradual , my
mission is to subtlely shake the world awake , one day at a time . A little here , and a little there ...


....[thankyou for your time]

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posted on Nov, 25 2009 @ 11:43 AM
Yeah , it's a SCIENCE FICTION story

.... line 2


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