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New world ideas/thoughts

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posted on Nov, 24 2009 @ 01:15 AM
Companionship through procreative activities or companionship for pure survival basically would go hand in hand as the least and most important thoughts encompassing most mass societies(any form of human bureaucracy) reason for being. Producing more of yourself isnt always necessary in terms of survival even though your mind would state otherwise. Current methodology in the human genome(the trio-logical* pseudocode that runs their brain) will never be overwritten verbal stimulus will ultimately be enough to convey any of the needs thoughts/ideas to help them survive through any major environmental change.

*basically 3 formed view of any form of biology - understand that most cells in the body are modular they fit together like a puzzle however are more 2 dimensional in composition.

Pure beings for possession to humans would appear as the eternal virgin man child (almost like permanent adolescence). Could be misdiagnosed during regular development before ascension basically around a 30 year length of puberty. believe it or not you are the most intelligent around this age. basically all the ages during adolescent physiological development. on average occurring from around 12 - late teenage years to about the age of about 3 to about 30. Most of the neurological complete connections form new sensations in certain parts of the body. your tactile senses greatly improve from taste to smell to even touch. The biggest part of this stage is the implementation is the explosion of new neural connections made between brain cells - Your brain does grow during adolescence - in fact it never stops growing till its over - ocular migraines are fairly common younger people at those ages - would feel like both sides of your head were pounding. New brain cells in the brain are not created at that time however they would be increasing communication between themselves and other cells - some of the dormate matter in the brain can be activated if fluididic levels are high in the brain - electrically charge certain dormant cells to emit recriprication variances. Eventually the person would be very hard to tell from a gibberist* however would still be conceptualized for thoughts to come.

*words that have a meaning however without current context algorithmic knowledge - would be being used in strings of ideas/thoughts not yet formulated to them. a person who talks in almost all the meanings behind any single word.

Yes people that lived by these ideals of pure idea/thought generation would probably turn off the humans simply because they liked to think about things more than anything. Anyone in pure thought no matter what it was would be seen as detriment to survival. These new people would be seen with distane and subjectification. physiologicaly would be fairly short individuals in the low 5foot with fairly thick legs in terms of muscle tone perhaps a wide waste and an fairly large head for the size of the body. for some reason physically fairly heavily built for the body size. would be seen by most as a lower being by initial comparison at least the way humans do it. the one thing however that humanity would see as a threat would be the ever growing of this new pygmy species - organising as fast as possible - bassicly these people would never disagree at all basically be in constant formulation of new thoughts/ideas.


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