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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 06:35 PM
As you can see my name is sonata i have been on these boards for several years but dont really say much. My ideas are mostly my own with some research about their possibilities certain idealology or termonoligy i might research in fields like particle physics, wave form dynamics, single particle duality, quontomic variables, triology(biology of life from a 3 demesnional perspective). Most of what i think about i do in my own private medetative time - probably around 90-120 minutes a day. Temperal theories are all i think about regardless o their potential possibilities. I examine everything i come in contact with with a fine come from information to humans themselves(their behavior to certain stimuli in the forms of thoughts/ideas). For example i might tell someone something really nice and beautiful that their eyes open a certain way when their reticulate laticus becomes temperarily exposed(a thought/idea they have never processed. the linking through temperarily melecular cohesion. My body puts off about 99.6f of heat normaly.

I would call myself an odd person simply because i dont identify myself with the human spiecies(not like alien or something just not like them). My phyisiology is too different in my book to be what would be considered a normal form of human. Basicly i never identified anyone like myself ever not in any form of contact not even looking at someone on tv. I get along with people well enough but i feel i can only tell them about 10% whats on my mind at any one time in order to prevent too much processing of ideas/thoughts. simple mundane conversation is pointless to me "i really dont care about talking about your dog after all that we have gone over" - basicly after exchange of intense ideas/thoughts we go back to basic ones? Its like i want to communicate in pure thoughts/ideas at a time but they perfer to only do it about 20 minutes every week instead of 24 hours a day. What goes on in a humans mind i garantee never ever goes on in my mind at least not in the same way. I dont overocupy myself with self identifcation to mates or non mates - i know that when i find the person like me out of this needle in a haystack as there are humans to other beings on this planet - it will be basicly a complete understanding of that individual within the first several seconds of looking into their eyes.

To me most of my everyday life is interesting but ultimatly unrewarding all people that i interact with are fairly decent but understandable with fully examined - their unexplianable actions become apparent(the things they recently did when not in my presence). To know what a person is doing even when they arent around is hard to process sometimes. like their good and their bad actions. thats fine and all but i dont always want to have to deal with those thoughts/ideas. however i think that most of those actions and the time it takes to formulate their occurance is mostly wasted potential - eventually takes over the need to survive and more in the terms of current reactionary response.

The biggest driving force in human existance is the entire reciprication of all acts of proceation of all forms of proceation. the one uncontrolable act humans cannot live without regardless of location(the act of courtship and mating) Without those driving factors humanity would become extinct in 1 thousand years. This act will overide all other initial ideas/thoughts while reproductive organs are active. The organ that produces sex hormone in the body is in essence the biggest overiding organ in the entire human body regardless of correctness in view. would bassicly inhibit them from ever leaving the planet(through any forms of assention). if you were born here you will die here but will never not be eternal. However not all base modifiers put procreation as high on the totem pole more like the idea of the complete survival of the spieces at any cost. in essence the act of self sacrafice to make more of yourself(basicly convert yourself to 2 of yourself at the cost of your initial self).

The main way a human would comunicate would be the ineation of identification - basicly they would figure out who the dominate one would be is. generally used in courtship as well generally were the dominant human appears supierer(the one who will initially inetiate the act of mating). usually defined in body posture and enitial voice sound familiarity. For some however a random identifier would be sent to most humans - basicly would be resembling almost any form of phisiology to the fellow observer. Would be seen almost sometimes as super intelligent(the smartest person u have ever met) to the most predictatble person(basicly the assumption that someone has someone else figured out). True identifier would be potential base 5 spectrobic in nature(however would mimic already occuring preformed assumptions) they would never act completly out of character with everyone around them. the ocular motor nerve is where most processing of newly recieved information for humans happens the potential for an metric intellegence level of over many thousands of any type of intellect points in certain aspects. Person would also have unproductive conversation with fellow humans at first but then would become more affulent in their syntax structure. eventually syntax would be decoded and formulated into something that could be recepricated back in the forms of new ideas/thoughts. potentiality of multiple occurance of this person would be 3.5 billion to one - as little as 2 at any one time ajusted to current human population level.

The history of past alien societies(could never be completly figured out since most of their occurance happen in transparent space(neutral areas of space that have no detrimental effect on its surrounding envirnment). But also be unabsurvable to beings outside that space. reticulate matter is always unabsurvable outside of any form of galactic space would appear as a faint red hue on a big enough spectrometer. With only 3 modifiers humans would be at the restrictions of 3 dementional space. any galactic reticulate(neutrino absorption/dna cohesion rate) would have an initial adverse affect on them. Most current alien locations would be obsurvable but as for past and future ones would be harder. an advanced intelligence(base 4 or higher) would perceptualy have knowlegde of most occurances in time.


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