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MAil & Gaurdian mention the NWO

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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 04:30 AM
Hi peeps..... Justr stumbled upon this, not much to it realy but just goes to show even MSM like the above mentioned have no fear of ridicule when mentioning the NWO (yes the NWO that doesnt exist).

"This might be correct, but perhaps the most important fact, propelled by the recession, is that a new world order is in the making. Put ­differently, there is an emergence of new coalescing forces -- a distinct characteristic of the current times.

This is far more profound than the “major shift” that Hobsbawm focuses on. For the first time, the unipolar world is a thing of the past -- very different players are grouping, globally, to bring about the new world order.

The countries constituting the G20 are an example of this. Another example is the ­reference to a “global government” in the negotiating documents for the forthcoming climate change conference in Copenhagen".

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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 08:23 AM
The Belgian King apparently is orchestrating the whole thing behind the scenes.

I can't believe my young countrymen from WW1 and then again in WW2 went all the way to Belgium to 'liberate' them... All for this?

My young, handsome great-great- Uncle died in Belgium in WW1
What a waste.

Belgian King Starts Premier Search After Van Rompuy EU Choice

The 75-year-old monarch met Van Rompuy before holding talks with Didier Reynders, Marianne Thyssen, Elio Di Rupo, Joelle Milquet and Guy Verhofstadt, the leaders of the five governing parties, the royal palace in Brussels said yesterday.

Royalty = bad news.


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