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The ultimate Conspiracy Theory

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posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 07:21 PM
Take a moment and step outside on a quiet, clear night and look up.
What do you see? All of the astonishing detritus of the Big Bang?
With a little learning you can soon begin to delineate what's what: a planet, a moon, a galaxy, and on and on.
Now think about what the first people were to make of these sparkling dots in the sky. Maybe they pondered for a long while. They noticed the sparkles move, change colors, align themselves in pleasing shapes and forms mimicking people and animals here.
No surprise they decided there must be something up there.
And if they're up there, they must be looking down on us. They must control the weather, make the sun go dark, make fiery streaks across the sky. These 'Gods' must be the ones who bring drought, or rain, who kill the seasons, and us as well. They must also be the ones who shepherd us to a place where life isn't struggle, pain, and sickness tempered with small joys.

Because certainly this can't be all there is.

Then someone realizes they have a special relationship with the Gods. They speak to them, translates their desires, says they should be worshiped, and only they are the special link between regular folks and these gods.
First it was Gods, today it is God, and so it continues.
And this I think is the greatest conspiracy ever perpetrated upon us: the idea of Gods.
And as I spend a good amount of time on ATS I have begun to think that conspiracies, and aliens, and NWO, and TPTB, (and I include organized atheism), are just another form of God. They are what many of us need to help explain the utter powerlessness we feel in the face of that most certain sad knowledge that our time is short, and this might just be all there is.

After all, who really wants to stare that in the face?

On this site, it isn't gods pulling the strings but human cabals, and aliens. Whatever is needed to explain the powerlessness we all must feel in the face of a slowly cooling universe.

And all the authorities on these subjects? They're the new priests, intermediaries between us great unwashed and these new gods. They have been granted (or uncovered with their own research) special knowledge (of alien abduction, or FEMA prison camps, or Masonic plots to create a NWO) but they will share it with you. Listen to them and you'll feel better: you're not powerless because you're powerless, but because the gods have taken your power away. It's not your fault.

Feels good doesn't it.

I'm not placing blame. After all, the sky is a lonely place, and the universe bends your brain if you think about it too long.
But I am being a bit judgmental, because it strikes me as sad, especially when the world is such an amazing place. You want proof, YouTube a jaguar running at top speed, or a baby laugh. Tell me it's not wonderful, and then try to realize you've got all the power you need.

I bet that feels even better.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 02:52 PM
I don't believe your supposition.

I don't see any factual evidence backing said supposition.

I think you are silly.

posted on Jan, 6 2010 @ 02:59 PM
When you said, step outside on a clear night

i thought this was going to be a conspiracy about light pollution, because when I step outside at night, I can count the number of stars, with ease.

Light Pollution. Makes me sad.
But, I guess it makes me appreciate the stars a lot more when I'm in the outback.


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