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Swine flu begins mutation!

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posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 03:20 PM

Swine flu begins mutation!

Scientists in Norway announced Friday they had detected a mutated form of the swine flu virus in two patients who died of the flu and a third who was severely ill, the most recent report of mutations in the virus that are being watched closely for any change that could make it more dangerous.

In a statement, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health said the mutation "could possibly make the virus more prone to infect deeper in the airways and thus cause more severe disease," such as pneumoniThe institute said there was no indication that the mutation would hinder the ability of the vacci
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 03:21 PM
Here is comes ladies and gents. All those thoughts that the swine flu (h1n1) was just version 1.0 of something more sinister is seeing version 2.0 coming to life.

While I believe some mutation should be expected, this seems like it has mutated sooner than what it should have which doesn't bode well for us. I also wonder what role this has with the Ukraine virus/plague which is destroying lungs of its victims!

(If I can find the link for the Ukraine stories on here, I will post those links)
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Nov, 20 2009 @ 03:44 PM
Important point, it does seem to changing lots and all over the world quickly to.

Oh and that's not all, it has just been reported the first human to human infection of drug resistant H1N1

Five patients on a unit treating people with severe underlying health conditions at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff were infected.

Three appear to have acquired the infection in hospital.

They are thought to be the first confirmed cases of person-to-person transmission of a Tamiflu-resistant strain in the world.

There have been several dozen reports around the world of people developing resistance to Tamiflu while taking the drug - but they have not passed on the strain to others.


Having recently spent some time in that hospital whilst a visiting a sick relative, I must say the lack of hand washing etc by staff was worrying, So I dare say it will spread beyond that unit over the next couple of days.

And then

Bang worldwide soon, those who are very sick from it will not be saved by any initial treatment, if it ever got antibiotic resistant then that would be very worrying.

It seems this Trojan Horse of natural or manipulated virus is here, changing quickly worldwide in a number of vectors and types, which seems very unstable, maybe giving credence to the stories we all know about Bayer, Labs, etc etc having a hand in this, it seems to make sense to me that a artifically created strain/virus would be more unstable in real life out of the lab situations than initially thought by whoever created it.

Maybe though it just points to normal behaviour of natural mutations until a stable Virus is within the host. For me though, the Ukraine, my link above, the story in the OP, the released virus into vaccine near tradgedy that nearly happened, Bayer, patents by indiviuals with conflicting interests etc etc all point to this being clear and definate facts we can all rely on to at least accept this is planned event, but maybe as usual those fools did not have plan B in place, and may be worried themselves by the amount of changes, mutations and behaviour of this Virus.

Im not sure which is more worrying, that infact its very clear as said cloak and dagger and hidden things are at work in this whole Swine Flu situation, or whoever did that to not be in control of it now the Jack is out of the Box as such. Cornered animals and all that.

Anyhow its here, not natural or normal, changing in multiple locations and expressions, further and unfortunately may touch all of our lives in the coming months and years, a lot more than even the most die hard flu watcher and theorist could imagine.

Kind Regards,


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