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Rhode Island Governor Vetoes RFID Privacy Bill

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posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 11:39 AM

Nov 12, 2009, News Report
Rhode Island Gov. Donald Carcieri vetoed S211, a bill that restricted use of RFID to track children and motorists without a warrant. The bill also restricts the use of collection and use of toll-payment information for anything other than toll enforcement without a court order. The Rhode Island chapter of the ACLU -- in a statement on its Web site -- said that the Middletown School District last year began using RFID tags in backpacks to track the locations of elementary school students: "The bill separately keeps confidential any information gathered by a newly-installed RFID-driven E-ZPass toll payment system on the Pell Bridge," continued the statement, which went on to say that similar legislation has been vetoed and reworked three different times over the years.

So, unless there were some riders we are not privy to from this report, the Governor does not approve that RFID chips should be 'limited' to only children and motor vehicles....

I'm not sure why the limitation is unacceptable..., or to whom?

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