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Officers find six bodies in home of Ohio sex offender

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posted on Nov, 2 2009 @ 11:24 PM
Convicted rapist, Anthony Sowell, not on parole or probation but monitored by home visits and had to check in regularly with law-enforcement authorities, was accused of rape by a woman who said it happened at his home.
Search and arrest warrants Thursday revealed the discovery of 6 badly decomposed females, all victims of homicide.
The rape victim reported the crime just hours after officers had visited Sowell at home as part of his sex-offender monitoring.

CLEVELAND — As a registered sex offender, Anthony Sowell checked in regularly with law-enforcement authorities, who also monitored him by making home visits.

But since Sowell wasn't on parole or probation, they didn't have the right to enter - until Thursday when they had search and arrest warrants after a woman said he had raped her there. That's when they discovered badly decomposed bodies in the house.

By Sunday, authorities had determined there were six bodies, all of them women, and each was the victim of a homicide.

Officers had last visited Sowell at home as part of his sex-offender monitoring on Sept. 22, just hours before the woman reported being raped there.


Letting these sex offenders out is just plain asking for more of the same.
Stories like this just prove that sex-offenders are the most prone offenders to reoffend and IMO the status should be non-rehabilitative and they should not be release due to the danger posed to the public.
Good thing he was monitored huh?

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posted on Nov, 3 2009 @ 09:33 AM
This guy should get the chair or whatever death penalty they got in his state.

That's sick. Bodies decomposing in your house?


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