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Maybe the direction of time that we're all flowing in right now is backwards.

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 08:24 PM
Have you ever stopped to think about it though? I mean you always hear people saying authoritative things like "2nd law of thermodynamics" or whatever
( which indicates a very direct flow of time - things are always going from orderly to chaotic (or so we assume). But is it possible that - somehow - time is not as fixed as western society has come so fixated to believe? Even those cessium clocks or whatever crazy advanced devices for measuring time we have go just a little bit off after a while?

What if - and this is crazy - we are actually all talking backwards right now. In the 'correct' arrow of time, you would actually have started this sentence after the period.
(assuming there even is a 'correct' arrow of time btw)

I mean I know some of you physics buffs will probably come in here and tell me i'm stupid and that it's not possible but i tell you it is! i can't prove it but i'll work on it for a while... started doing some research already but i
think this should be an excellent brain twister for some of you.

Edit: Hahahaha wow I should have really read that wikipedia article fully before i sent it out... pretty much makes this topic defunct...

here's a read for anyone who was still wondering lol

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posted on Nov, 1 2009 @ 09:51 PM
I thought of this possibility ever since the eighties. And more so since 9/11. Progress turned backwards, except for the existence of the Internet.
The only explanations I found are from astrology, reincarnational philosophy and deep psychology.
It sure feels like collective time has looped back on itself.
Have you ever thought of the possibility that your time is your time, and there is no time like they teach us in history books?
The whole thing may be a projection from individual experience.
Imagine what would it be like to be a redwood that can sense humans. Humans come and go - which is perhaps similar to how we feel spirits etc. that travel through time. A redwood tree does not travel...
On the other hand, psychologists like Arthur Janov tell us that the subjective experience of time being turned back is simply symbolic - that person is drawn back to his/her past.


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