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Project Tracker and Dreamweaver

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posted on Feb, 21 2003 @ 11:34 AM
Hi there not to sure where to put this.
Please find below full details of two exciting projects ASUFORA have created and implemented as of Today Sunday the 2nd of Feb 2003 we would like you to participate in both projects to what ever degree you wish.

To become involved simply visit our forum at please note becoming a member is free were are now operating project Tracker in the USA as well we look forward to hearing from you.
There will be a secure section for groups and individuals joining Tracker this area will be pass worded in the forum his is where participants can gain access to one anotherís phone numbers etc etc any questions simply email at the address at the bottom of this email or phone me.

Project Dream Weaver
Project Dream weaver is an attempt to bring together in one location the following information:

UFO Sightings
Abduction Events
Animal Mutilations
Crop Circles
Big Cat Sightings
Paranormal events

This project is free all we ask is that groups and individuals supply information to the project. The idea is to give researchers and Investigators in the above fields ready and free unabridged access to all relevant info they require.

Also any Person or Group who supplies data etc will be given full Credit for supplying it we hope, everyone will take part. Any questions just post them in our forum we look forward to working with you all.

How it will work? easy we will use a map of the UK splitting it into its own regions i.e. Tayside/North Yorkshire and so on and in each area you will be able to click on a sub menu which will list all of the events above and all you do is simply pick your category and you will have i.e. a complete list of all UFO sightings in North Yorkshire with all pertinent notes graphics photos etc.

This has been a long time in the making the Database will also be available on CD rom this is an attempt by us to bring the community closer together and working better with a free exchange of ideas and information.

At some point we will also extend this project to cover the USA more details as e go along.

Project Tracker
Over the past few years, the world of communications has experienced almost exponential Growth, with the result that millions of people throughout the UK now carry personal mobile Telephones.
The aim of Project Tracker is to utilise this communications network in a very
simple but efficient manner in conjunction with UFO sightings.

An assumption which Asufora have made about UFOs, but is very seldom mentioned when discussing this phenomena is this:
1: They have a starting point
2: they have a purpose which in this case means they have a destination.
Therefore, it may be quite possible to track these objects as they travel across our skies using a method as simple as using a mobile phone.

Once Project Tracker has sufficient participants, then this is how the operation will work. We shall use the following cities as an example, since they are roughly in a geographical straight line; Northampton, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, and Leeds from South to North.

Suppose someone is standing in the centre of Northampton, facing east and they see a UFO moving from their right to their left. This obviously means that the object is moving in a South to North direction.

Now, if they had a contact in Leicester, they could then call or text them by mobile phone thus alerting them to look for the object travelling from the South. With a bit of luck, the person in Leicester will see the object too, as it continues its journey northward. They would then alert the contact in Nottingham who would then look for it. Once they had seen it, they would alert the person in Sheffield and so on.

In other words, it is a chain of contact which would enable people to make notes about the object in question, whilst following it on its journey all across the UK.

The beauty of it is, that it's instantaneous contact, since on many occasions a person won't have immediate access to either the internet, nor are they likely to have any recording equipment to hand. Also, if the object should change direction, then all of us in this network would know a contact in a neighbouring town or village, so eventually; it will become very possible to track this object wherever it goes across the country.

So, for this reason, Asufora wish to develop close working relationships with other similar groups throughout the UK to explore the possibility of setting up a real time network which may enable all of us to gather some reasonable evidence.

Lee Close
TEL: 07957 912 500(private)
Hotline for UFO/Abduction/Paranormal events and sightings:07796 095 480

icq: 169607628
AIM: leeclose
Yahoo: asufora

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