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Is it possible that the economy is just a distraction?

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posted on Oct, 23 2009 @ 12:16 PM
Now I don't really believe in the whole 2012 theory but I was just thinking about this...

A lot of you talk about how 2012 will be some sort of mental/psychological breakthrough in our species where we all travel through astral planes or what have you, but as I was thinking about that, I thought maybe it IS a breakthrough but maybe it's a technological advancement? Like some sort of technology that allows us to travel from dimensions unknown to us, or maybe 'bend' the universe to get to where ever we want faster than light could, were it to travel through ordinary space.

I know this sounds far-fetched so far but we can't ignore all the work that has been done on black holes and different dimensions so far and it's all got to be leading up to SOMETHING. Surely all this work isn't JUST for the sake of knowledge and that there's probably teams of scientists working on some very questionable technologies?

Anyway, so maybe the due date for these technologies is sometime around 2012, maybe 2013 heck maybe even 2025 but is it possible that TPTB are just creating an economic crisis now to prevent the 'unwanted' people to possess this technology? Kind of like, how 1st world nations have cars and buses, trains and subways, and 3rd world countries must rely on their feet to get to places.

Just a thought... none of this is probably going to happen and there probably really is an economic crisis that just happened for no reason.

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