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Palm Reading and Reflexology. ..

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posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 03:55 PM
Most people think of Reflexology as pertaining to the feet. Parts of the body are connected to parts of the feet, but with the HANDS as well. The hands are similar to feet in that way.

Now, certain organs and parts of the body are associated with certain (not sure if this is the right word, but) mentalities. For example:

The kidneys connect to the adrenaline glands, which can be a part of a person's personality/mentality. A person could be a nervous person, or a fearless person. That trait could be seen in the HANDS in the area associated with with that organ. . . or the liver could be another example, and many other examples.

There is a book called "BodyMind" (Ken Dychtwald) which was interesting to read. Parts of the body are connected to parts of the person's personality or mentality. That theory is respected. I am simply going a bit further with my theory, that palm reading may have some actual evidence of truth with the concept of reflexology.

I won't go into the details for now. For those who have studied Palm Reading or Reflexology, this should make sense. For those who have not, I might need to go into more detail, and give more examples.

Remember that the human being is very unique in the animal kingdom for many reasons, and one of the reasons is our unique hands. According to Desmond Morris (world-famous zoologist), people look at other people's hands much more than they realize, especially when seeking a potential mate.

Any thoughts? Also, should I give more details & examples?


I don't think the future can be told with 100% accuracy; not at all. With Palm Reading, a person's personality is shown, and the reader interprets a potential/possible future based on the past & present, and the way things seem to be going.

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