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David Rockfeller Newspaper article 1967

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posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 08:42 PM
HI Everyone

'David Rockfeller Modern Banker'

I found this old article from the Adelaide Sunday Mail April 1st (irony) 1967 on a trip this last weekend to our family farm and the 'ruins' which are my Granparents old house in South Australia.

Its only half the article but I thought there would still be people keen to see it. We did search for the other half unsucessfully. Sorry its incomplete for those this irks.

Full Image

Have the best day


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posted on Oct, 22 2009 @ 07:46 AM
Interesting. The U.S. stock market (Dow Jones Avg.) had just boomed from 1942 to 1966, from about Dow 100 up to almost Dow 1000. These banker guys were having a great time only to be followed by another sort of sideways great time.

The late 60's to early 80's would chop up and down, swinging wildly from near 1000 down to 700, back up towards 1000 and then down to 600, back up and over 1000 and then down into the 500 level, back up to 1000 and down to 700, then again up to 1000 and down again to 700 before seriously blasting off in 1982 towards the Moon, always drawing the money towards the old and intelligent, always making out on wild percentages no matter which way the wind was blowing.

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