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Adam Storch: SEC Hires 29-Year-Old Ex-Goldman Sachs Exec For Key Role

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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 12:45 PM
How insulting.

SEC has hired a wet-behind-the-ears Goldman Sach executive for the CEO position of the Enforcement Division.

For those who've lamented the various links between Goldman Sachs and the financial regulatory system, this certainly isn't good news. Bloomberg reports that the Securities Exchange Commission has named Adam Storch, a former Goldman exec, as its enforcement division's first chief operating officer. Storch is actually just 29 years old and previously worked in Goldman's business intelligence unit.

Goldman Sachs is the 800-lb gorilla of Wall Street, of the financial industry and of Washington. It is as if they are in charge of the country now.

Here's an interesting site about Goldman Sachs:

Here's a good article about the dangers of the dominance of Goldman Sachs

In fact, as last year's financial collapse made ever so clear, the increasing dominance of the financial sector - and its deregulation -- has become a mortal danger to our economic security. The financial sector - including the big insurance companies -- has morphed into a cancer growing on our economy -- a cancer that could easily strangle our prospects for our long-term economic security.

Here's Wikipedia on Goldman Sachs:

This article is a bit dated, but it has a lot of interesting quotes from a lot of people:

Here's the latest profit report on Goldman Sachs:

posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 01:13 PM
This is just one of the final steps of Goldman taking over the US economy.

Look at every senior position in the US government and you will find they are all ex-Goldman.

To put such a junior exec in charge of the whole SEC means they are simply looking for a "yes" man who they can easily control.


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