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Facts About Swine Flu

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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 09:51 PM
Very good straight forward article here:
The more we know, the more choices we have!
Heres a sample question and answer.

Q: I see studies that say the flu vaccine is highly effective. Why is there any question?
A: Effectiveness is often measured by showing that people who get the vaccine develop antibodies in response to the vaccine. Those antibodies can be helpful in fighting off future bouts of that year’s flu. The problem is that young, healthy people are very good at developing antibodies but they are not the people who tend to develop pneumonia or die, while older people and people with immune disorders, who are most likely to die, don’t develop protective antibodies as well. This has led to the question, “Is it necessary for those whom it helps, and will it help those for whom it’s necessary?”

posted on Oct, 21 2009 @ 11:35 PM
Now for the lighter side!

How to be a swine flu vaccine zealot (satire)

Step 1) Loudly proclaim your vaccines are backed by "science",

Step 2) Practice scoffing.

Step 3) Practice making people feel guilty for not getting the flu shot

Step 4) Spread more fear!

Step 5) Remind people that they are not doctors and therefore don't know anything.

Step 6) Strip off the plastic coating on both ends of an extension cord, exposing the wires....Attach the two wires on one end to the temples of your skull, then attach the two exposed wires on the other end to the exposed slots of a live electrical outlet in your home. You are now "WIRED." (Want a free subscription?) This process will destroy any critical thinking regions of your cerebrum, disabling the annoying ability to think for yourself (which can interfere with what the vaccine industry wants you to think instead).
(Don't do this for real)!

Step 7) Defend mercury as safe.

Get your flu now! Big pharma needs you!

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