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Starzl Mutation = Radiation Overdoses at Cedar Sinai? //Super Powers

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 03:04 AM
In an episode of the USA Network Origonal Series "The 4400" in which 4400 people are abducted by humans from the future and placed in present day by a UFO, they are granted special abilities.

A new neurotransmitter substance in their blood "Promicin" is found to cause the abilities, and is studied, and eventually enables normal non-4400 people to take the extracted serum and develop their own abilities, changing the planet, solving world crisis problems.. and thus avoiding the calamity crisis that the future humans abducted them in order to avoid.

In this specific episode, "The Starzl Mutation" , a fictional account of how specific people in the Seattle area were exposed to too much radiation during their cancer treatment, causing a specific mutation in their genes.
This mutation didn't do anything negative to them.
However, it is found that it enables 4400's to have babies with abilities even if they have a child with a non-4400 person.
This increases the chances of the population of mutant future humans to flourish.. seemingly contrary to the powers that be's agenda, as they go and build super soldiers with abilities, made to destroy the 4400 people.

read about it here -

if you're looking for it it's season 3 episode 9 i believe .. maybe 11


I've been drawing NOTEABLE significant wink wink nudge nudge type innuendos in the series dialogues between people... and hints that this change is indeed coming to our very real future... and is happening to people right now under our noses... this being.. 'morgellons sufferers'...

the largest population of 'morgellons sufferers' is in the Los Angeles area..
Many of them feel a strong (kundalini like) sensation of their "brain expanding" .. skull bones shifting .. teeth disintegrating etc... many of them getting MRIs.

what i find very interesting is this recent news story ...
link - Patients Exposed to Radiation Overdoses at Cedar Sinai

Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles is under investigation for exposing patients to extremely high radiation overdoses resulting in patients losing their hair and reddening of their skin. The Cedar Sinai radiation overdose investigation focuses on more than 200 patients who were given CT brain scans used to diagnose strokes over the past 18 months.

from the shows Heroes to the 4400, to Smallville to X-men to Eureka to Fringe... our collective subconcious is being predictively programmed into becoming more and more aware and 'used' to the idea of these abilities and their multifaceted aspects of how they'd play into the every day lives of each of us.. and how they'd weave into the social order, economics, war.. peace..

it's reaching an apex where... I am seeing the signs that this is ready to be shown for real in our modern world.. certain people will be developing the abilities congruent with the abilities that Christ, Krishna, Buddha spoke of upon reaching the divine state of humanity.. passed through the metamorphosis.

I cant help wonder about this huge "WOOPS" Cedar Sinai is being hit with doing...
I mean that is some SERIOUS error on a major world class hospital's behalf.. and for having gone on extensively for so long to so many people....

It doesn't ring honest to me.. as in an actual mistake.
It rings more like a theatric woopsies yeah it was intentional but we will say its a woopsies and we already allocated the class action payments before evven enacting the program.

I wonder if any of the individuals having been exposed to this overdose of radiation have had any specific mutations.. or if we will even hear about it if they do....

I see the fictionalized preconditioning Hollywood-ing of these conceptse as not necessarily following the reality to a T of course.. but more or less loosely based upon the general concept involved.

I will be following this closely.

Do your own research into the Masonic understanding of what the Ark of the Covenant actually is.. (the activated christened brain) and the actual Temple of Salomon... (the divinated human body)...
Understand that this is the GOAL of the highest levels of leadership of humanity... to reach a new level...
and these abilities are considered evolution.

keep that in mind when you see masonic hollywood presenting you with these concepts...

it's fascinating.... and IMO is chock full of truth... not just a fanboy wishy wishing.


posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 04:44 AM
reply to post by prevenge

certain people will be developing the abilities congruent with the abilities that
Christ, Krishna, Buddha spoke of upon reaching the divine state of humanity
this change is indeed coming to our very real future

Hypothetically, if this did come to pass within the next six months or so, and some number of individuals did gain these "superpowers" that you speak of...

...what then?

Would you want these people to run around "correcting" perceived problems? Would you expect them to sit back and meditate in caves all day long? Or would they be real people, with real problems and unrealized wants just like everyone else? Would you and others be willing to accept people with these powers realizing their petty desires in addition to "fixing" the problems they perceive?

What if the "problems" that they decide need "fixing" aren't the problems you'd prefer that they fix? What if there are actually a very large number of completely suitable and proper futures, and these people would be in a position to realize any number of them? What kind of future would you want? Or would you be willing to trust these people with the superpowers to decide for you?

When people channel, it often comes up that the channeled source choose to hold back a great deal to avoid undue interferance. But...if a human being were to acquire superpowers, it's very likely that they wouldn't feel that same reservation.

Do you want a human to step forth and manifest divine powers of alteration and creation?

Are you willing to accept the consequences of such a thing?

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 06:51 PM

wow lots of great questions here..

it would indeed chage the world on all fronts...

security.. economics.. finance.. morals.. religion...

what agreed measures allow for a percieved "right and wrong" or .. "correct" path ...

what is "greater good" who defines this?

all of these questions you rise shouldn't be asked ot me specifically.. but to humanity as a whole.. as these powers are actually the next step in our evolution.

FLIGHT : eventually no more cars, roads, airplanes.. no more infrastructure supporting the supplies and fuel of thoese vehicle's manufacturing etc..

TELEPATHY: words through wifi.. bluetooth for the brain.. nobody lies anymore because .. it's pointless.. all feelings are immediately observed .. nobody can hide their intentions... communal efforts are enhanced to potentially 100% effectiveness

SUPER HEALING and IMORTALITY - eventually no more fear of death.. plenty of time to achieve spiritual purity without old age wrecking your life..

sure the transition between us now and us then will be a bumpy road.. and will be needed to be met with due dilligence and prudence... but hey.. it would be literally heaven once obtained and corrected.


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