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Fema Camp -- Granada Colorado.. :)

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posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 12:40 PM
I took a little trip on my vacation to check out the rumors that a fema camp was being set up 3 hours from my home.

It was a nice trip and I thought I would share some pictures:


Granada, CO
AKA: Amache, CO

Latitude: 38° 2'58.73"N
Longitude: 102°19'43.39"W

Dates: Oct 5, 2009 and Oct 8, 2009

Map of Suspected Fema Camp:

Sign At the Camp:

Foundation of Barracks type building:

Slide Show of Good pictures of the "Camp Amache" Site.

Ok I posted this becuase I wanted people to see its better todo your homework then listen to fear mongers.

This camp is on every "suspected fema camp" list I could find on the internet. If you see it on one of those lists just laugh and remember the pictures I have posted.

I have 350+ Pictures of the Historical site and have done quite a bit of study of its history. A history that many would like better to forget. We must not forget this history lest we repeat it.

For more information start here:

PS: Sorry the links are external and goto my blog on MSN but I didn't want to duplicate the upload to photobucket.


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