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HOLES in the sky

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posted on May, 17 2004 @ 06:27 AM
invisible for the eye but they exists !

when visiting arizona i went to the premisis of a compagny that "customised" airplanes after getting them out of davis monthan afb.
in a corner i did see something very peculiar:the wreckage of an airplane.but in such a way that it looked tike a giant had slammed it from left to right into a concrete wall.i asked the owner what had happened to the airplane and he told me this:
on a beautifull day suddenly a small,but heavy twister
alike minitornado had taken the normal parced aircraft up into the air for about 250 -300 feet and...then that aircraft dropped back to the ground like a stone.
i told him that this storie looked unbelievable but hey..i stood next to the wreckage that was still at the same spot where it landed.
going further on the terrain i spotted also kinda convair 240 propellerplane that was completly on his back turned and..above on top of another convair 240 !!
yep ! the owner told me that this was also due to the same phenomenon that took the other aircraft up in the sky...
weird,strange,awfull but very difficult to explain.

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