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B4 They do another False Flag - Ideas on getting the last one into court.

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posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 07:59 AM
It appears when you go after them for crimes committed on 911. it gets squashed before it gets to the public arena\forum.

Now this is suppose to be the land of truth and justice for all. so, there is a can
opener for this can of worms - we just haven't found it yet.

So, since the front door is locked, is there any other way...? of getting the trial of the millenia in the public arena. where we actually arrest and prosecute...

about 3 years ago - I had the vision that one of these suspects who's initials are LS was forcefully renditioned to a location where he spilled the whole story -
and you guys want to know something spooky ... a few months later ... Dr. Judy Wood released "the new hiroshima" and some of what she said came from LS in my vision... totally wild huh.. I wish I could figure a way of recording those damn daymares for you guys... but all I can say is... the Indian who own the Convienance store around the corner wished I would stop having them... seems I keep getting the Lotto tickets with money under them... ha ha... its like I go there for my allowance... I dont know...
I know we have to go through another door other than the front.
and that would require us to scare the hell out of some of them - so they try and save their own life.... you know good cop ... bad cop ... without a call to the enforcers... so, the system works for them... so we need to do many more ACORNS people... I know, but we got gain some ground by not paying attention to what the want us to pay attention to the .... PRICE .... and you can not put a price on 911. we are talking about our heritage, way of life, human has worth.

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 08:19 AM
best idea for getting it into court, is to forget that you'll ever get it to court in your lifetime. and to just prepare yourself and your loved ones for the next one.

edit: unless of course you happen to be good friends with a judge and wanna get them to sign off on convicting the government. he may end up dead tho.

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