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Health Care, CSPAN, Finance Committee - BETRAyL

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posted on Oct, 2 2009 @ 05:10 AM
Last night I was watching CSPAN about the health care ammendments.
it appears the President is saying one thing to the people and the legislation
is saying another. Mr. Obama keeps saying this legislation is not going to cost
not one cent more. another said not a dime more. and you can keep your current provider... I listened to ammendment after ammendment that would guarantee
that if you did not earn 200-250K$ it wouldnt cost you not one cent more .. get shot down, in Flames .. this legislation, will bankrupt us PERIOD - More Taxes, Less Services ... well people... This is down right WRONG... and I plan, to stand against it on American Ideals, we are not
socialist, communist, and I'm not game on giving more for less -- any longer... its been said givem enough rope and they will hang themselves.
well gentalmen, this is the rope ... and Obama told a huge LIE... over and over again.

This is what I learned....

It was always the purpose of this bill to lump all of us Useless Eaters into a
forced labor\tax situation. with a fine of 25000$ or 1 year in Jail for not paying
into the system. even if you are unemployed, homeless or illness - you still have to pay 8%... of what...?

the plan to Take 8% of your gross income, 8% of blood, 8% of life... what is 8% of nothing...?

this plan was designed to bankrupt private providers leaving one source for medical services.

you will be microchipped if you are a part of this plan... IE Usless Eater.

ANYWAY, everything is done on party line vote.... and we the people are not at the table. but we the people will live with this nightmare, and it will be a nightmare.
at every point I listened to last night - was a wink and a nod, and we dont count.

You guys got to listen to this boring crap on CSPAN... I looked but I cant find it.
it might not be listed yet.... but this is fighting material gentalmen. something else
Because - Those Bastards last night on National TV said - this isn't nothing but a tax. with prison attached, if you cant pay.

this is not OPINION - this is what they were talking about in the OPEN.

Rockefeller ALERT: one of the Rockefellers was on this committee, and you guessed it, he was selling his constituants in to this system, "No" Votes on every ammendment that would validate Obama's Words... NOT ONE RED CENT MORE .... and they loved that 8% so much they are going to try and reduce it... YEa RiGhT


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