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Suggestion/Complaint Form Button?

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posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 08:09 AM
A post by Simon Gray (» Board Information » ABOUT ATS: The Complaint/Suggestion Form) from 2004 describes a Suggestion Form available from a "Suggestions" button 'At the very top-left of the board menu-bar'.

I can find no such button, and no other way to reach this form.

What is the current procedure?

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 08:57 AM
They dont read it anyway!!!

Best just to forget about it!!

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 02:30 PM
At the top of the page click the "member tools" button.

Fourth from bottom is the "Submit Suggestion" link.

Thats what you're looking for.

Irish Matador, I'm pretty sure they read it. Whether they do anything about it is another question all together...

posted on Oct, 1 2009 @ 02:34 PM
This is what you are looking for?

reply to post by Irish Matador

Every compliant is read. Because some are not actioned does not mean they are ignored.

[edit on 1-10-2009 by GAOTU789]

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 03:35 AM
Thanks Burgess and Goatu

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