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Dreams of Situation X?

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 10:01 PM
Last night I had a series of disturbing dreams about what might take place in the future. I'm not a prophet and the best I can do is describe the details of the dream and see if it makes sense to anyone else. The purpose of me doing this is that in the remote chance I had a glimpse of a future event I would like to share with others my experiences. Dreams are very subjective so please bare with me if what I write seems incoherent.

The dreams revolved around the theme of a situation X or SHTF scenario. I was inside a shopping mall and the number of people inside began to increase rapidly. There was a general feeling of panic and people were talking about survival. I was able to move from city to city in real time and could see this whole feeling involved the whole country. One mall in Sydney, a lady with a gun started shooting people at random, pointing at them with the gun and shooting them. Sometimes she would throw what looked like a poisonous gas after shooting somebody in a non-critical area of the body. She often pointed at me and I felt a feeling of dread when she did. In the dream I was not personally shot but a lot around me were. Eventually, she shot herself in the mouth while releasing this poisonous gas and more panic spread.

I moved to many different places and seemed to be in different cities across the country. In Melbourne, trams were packed with dead people including the dead tram conductor. Shops were being looted and people were forming safety fortresses. All malls began to fill with gangs and I was trying to contact my loved ones. Communication was not easy and I had many moments of dread that my loved ones were being hurt by mobs and gangs across the country.

Towards the end, people were forming groups with their neighbours/friends in the area and made barriers to keep people out. I landed up with some people I know and we were constructing barriers and making sure everyone was ok. A few religious Jews (phylacteries on) were within our property in the garden area before the gates that enclosed it. They had laptop computers and were saying how they no longer had faith in God.

Eventually a large mob came to the gates of our fortress and asked to be let in. They had supplies and seemed very similar to us. (I also recognised a few of them as some people I went to school with but was not very friendly with). I was about to let them in when somebody else noticed somebody who did not fit in with the rest - was wearing some type of black suit (like Agent Smith from The Matrix). We had half opened the gates at this point and they began to push with force. We were able to restrain them and our fortress stood.

Later on, for some reason, I began to wonder the streets looking for survivors and came across MANY people who were just in the middle of nowhere with all their supplies. They seemed happy and were not panicking nor being dramatic. These people were all debating about which was the best place to seek refuge. A lot of them decided a supermarket was good because of all the supplies. Sydney seemed less affected by this disaster than Melbourne.

That's all I can remember for now. I stress that these events are explained as best I can and I am not trying to make something out of nothing. The feeling of dread and panic throughout all these different parts felt very real and it felt like there was no answer or remedy. Also, the feeling of there being no Higher Power to help us was concerning. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Hopefully your questions can trigger some additional details that I have unconsciously suppressed.

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 11:27 PM
reply to post by Dark Ghost

Get used to it sweetheart. I have similar dreams every night and it really takes a toll on me sometimes.
If the dreams are recurring like mine I can offer a few suggestions.

Get a gun, load it, keep it within grabbing distance of bed. The peace of mind this brings can subconsciously help you relax due to not fearing attack from the external.
Take vitamin B-6 every day, first night may be a bit oddball, but after a few days you should start sleeping a bit better.
White noise generator
I use this site with my laptop and headphones, this helps by producing a noise that fills your head, think of the sound as wind in the trees or a waterfall, make the sound into a peaceful place in your mind, dwell on it when you sleep.

Hopefully this does not persist as it can totally wear you down. Also, If you do not wish to continue having dreams like this I highly suggest that you try to ignore them and pretend they never happened. Writing down your dreams will only improve your dream recall in the future.


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