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Social and Cultural Buoyancy

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 01:31 PM
What a retarded headline. But it makes sense to me. All it means really is what keeps each distinctive level of culture afloat? That is the question I pose. Maybe it's the wrong title though because I also want to know if it is our cultural... no wait, our societal level that precipitates our thirst for knowledge, and our adaptability to change. Yes, that is the question.

I know that my mind is off it's axis to some degree. Why though? It's because (I believe) I am a subject of a lower class society. What has been offered to me since birth has always been crumbs. Yet, I know I hunger for the bread that produced the crumbs. That makes sense right? When I stare into the souls of my peers, I see a contentious emptiness that eludes my ability to appreciate them. I can't understand why we/they are so docile in mind, body and spirit.

That is where my title takes shape. We (the middle class to lower class) are bottom feeders as far as what the world will willingly offer us. We do not receive high education because it is readily expected of us, but rather because some of us make the choice to. We are offered mundane, trivial commodities that keep our 'simple' minds awash with simple-eccentric thoughts.

From where I stand, I put down these 'materials' and I watch, quietly at first, until an outburst, an outcry that is often scrutinized for being sensible!

" Why can't you people see yourselves? Why are you so nonchalant? Who are you/we? "

No, I obviously don't have all the answers if any at all, the only thing I insist on is this: We are becoming a culture of uncaring, mindless, autonomous, biological, reproducing, robots. We are willing to bath in the comforts of the warm sun, all the while the blinding darkness creeps over the hilltops, into our valleys, into our homes, and finally into our souls. We are letting our integrity slip away with a smile, a hug and a thank you.

Please, I don't point the finger at you or yours, I point the finger at the world! You only have to look in the mirror and ask yourself, " Who am I, and what is my purpose?"
If you know, you are ahead of the curve, if you do not know, please continue asking yourself these questions until you are satisfied with the answer.

To sum up my point, it is due to cultural upbringing and willingness to conform to the expected method of thinking and accepted method of actions that creates the superficial, multi-tiered world we perceive. If you are rich, you are concerned. If you are somewhere in the middle or below, you are taught that world agendas and concerns are better left to the higher-ups. If this is not the way it is, then ask a handful of random people who our first president was... and you will see just how blissfully, ignorant our majority has become.

"I am your punishment... if you had not committed great sin, a punishment like me would not have been set upon you"

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