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The new "Nostradamus prophecies" - a project

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 10:39 AM
Okay everybody, sorry for the misleading title, but what I am attempting to do here is conduct a small study for a cultural sociology lecture I must give. This is by no means the base of the entire lecture, but a small piece which will illustrate a few points.

The premise is that I will make my own "prophecies", using odd and sometimes vague descriptions, as Nostradamus himself did. These will cover a short time span however, likely only the next month or two. However, I am looking to make connections, and to decipher after-the-fact what I have written. I am posting this here because many people enjoy connecting dots here on ATS. Let me know what you could make of these "predictions", after-the-fact of course. I ask that you please keep negative comments to a minimum. If you do not like this "experiment" then please just pass up. This thread will of course only be prevalent after the dates, or time periods of these "prophecies"

I understand the prophecies are crap, that is kind of irrelevant, and the parts that point to dates are made obvious so that they can be applied to our current time frame. As I said, this is only a footnote on the lecture as a whole.

"In the tenth month when the moon is half awakened
a storm will form in the east, on 33 will this terrible beast
bred of man and earth, make its sacrifice.

The dark clouds will overtake muklov to the west,
and conspire with great liars at the mouth of the sea"

"When in the empires of the west, the leaves lose life
so shall the terra lose spirit in the year of two thousand and nine
Wolves, covered in steel, and rock and water shall begin the great hunt
for the cradle of civilization shall no longer pass its days in misery

at 95 and two-thirds shall a mass of flying timbers form
only then will the pestilence be permitted to pass
no mountains, no rivers and no lakes shall block
the march of the pigs from center to east
and east to west, and only then on the fifteenth of thirty
will the tyrant prince admit his defeat"

posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 10:49 AM
When the left hand is risen
And the five pointed star is broken
Then you shall hear the cry of the lion.

Just thought i'd help you out a bit

Lol, pretty cool thing, it's for a lecture you say? What kind, sounds neat!

You've only got two so far, i'd like to read em

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posted on Sep, 29 2009 @ 11:29 AM
Lecture is the final "exam" in this class, in which I'm going to discuss the development, reasoning, application and effect of prophecies and predictions throughout history, in the present and their development and effect into the future. I only really want two, as that is all I can really fit into my lecture, as I can only speak for an alloted time. Thanks for the input!

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